20 Most Valuable Guatemalan Export Products

Most Valuable Guatemalan Export Products

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Sharing land borders with Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador, Guatemala is the most highly populated Central American country.

Guatemala is largely an agricultural economy. Sugar, bananas, coffee, cardamoms and nutmeg spices were among the 20 most valuable Guatemalan export products in 2016.

Knitted clothing, lead and precious metal ores and packaged medicines were also among the 20 highest-value Guatemalan export products.

The following list shows on which products Guatemalan exporters earned the most revenue. Unlike most information currently available on the web, the items below are detailed at the 4-digit tariff code level.

These items can help entrepreneurs identify more precisely which products in which the Guatemala has strong competitive advantages compared with other nations — and therefore opportunities for trade partnerships.

Most Valuable Guatemalan Export Products

Below are the 20 most valuable export products sold by Guatemalan exporters in 2016. Shown within brackets is the 4-digit harmonized tariff system code for each item.

  1. Sugar (cane or beet): US$816.7 million (up 3% since 2012)
  2. Bananas, plantains: $789.9 million (up 27.8%)
  3. Coffee: $651 million (down -32.1%)
  4. Women’s shirts (knit or crochet): $386.6 million (down -8.1%)
  5. Palm oil: $376.2 million (up 49%)
  6. Lead ores, concentrates: $324.2 million (up 41.7%)
  7. Medication mixes in dosage: $303.8 million (up 40.4%)
  8. Men’s shirts (knit or crochet): $253.6 million (down -1.2%)
  9. Precious metal ores, concentrates: $233.1 million (down -58.9%)
  10. Nutmeg, mace, cardamoms $229.1 million (down -7.8%)
  11. Melons, watermelons, papayas: $206.9 million (up 15.5%)
  12. Packaged insecticides/fungicides/herbicides: $170 million (up 37.6%)
  13. Women’s clothing (not knit or crochet): $165.7 million (down -4.2%)
  14. Non-alcoholic drinks (not water/juice/milk): $131.7 million (up 32.9%)
  15. Packing containers including cartons, boxes: $130 million (down -9.3%)
  16. Processed petroleum oils: $125.4 million (up 770.6%)
  17. Natural rubber: $120.4 million (down -59.1%)
  18. Bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries: $118.5 million (up 38%)
  19. Ethyl alcohol: $115.7 million (down -22.7%)
  20. Plastic packing goods, lids, caps: $113.1 million (up 5%)

Among the most valuable products, Guatemalan refined petroleum oils posted the greatest increase in the value of export sales up 770.6% from 2012 to 2016.

In second place was exported palm oil which improved 49% over the same 5-year period.

Exports of lead ores and concentrates posted a 41.7% gain since 2012. Guatemalan medication mixes in dosage moved ahead in value by 40.4%.

From 2012 to 2016, the average change for all Guatemalan exports was a 3.3% uptick in value.

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