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Fastest-Growing Nigerian Import Products

The following analysis highlights Nigeria’s fastest-growing imported goods and is based on data for 2014. For more recent research statistics, please see the main article Nigeria’s Top 10 Imports. Fourteen of the fastest-growing Nigerian import products posted an increase in value from 2010 to 2014 exceeding 1,000%. Gains ranged from 1,004% for imported fruits and […]

Fastest-Growing Bangladeshi Import Products

Nine of the 10 fastest-growing Bangladeshi import products posted an uptick in value from 2010 to 2014 exceeding 500%. The other top product category, special woven or tufted fabric, posted a respectable 461.3% gain. Overall, Bangladeshi imports rose 26.2% over the 5-year period. Please note that this analysis is at the 2-digit Harmonized Tariff System […]

Top Baseball Exporting Countries

In 2014, global sales from baseball exporting countries amounted to US$594.1 million. Overall, the value of baseball exports were up by an average 48% for all baseball exporting countries since 2010 when baseball shipments were valued at $401.3 million. The 6-digit Harmonized Tariff System code prefix for baseballs and similar miscellaneous balls is 950669. Top […]

World’s Top Import Partners

Export sales depend on sustained demand from importing nations. Therefore, it is important to know which trade partners represent the largest share of dollar shipments from around the globe. Exporters that overly depend on demand from a few trade partners are vulnerable if the importing countries suffer an economic slowdown. This is why governments try […]

Dishwashing Machines Exports by Country

Total dishwashing machines exports generated US$3,924,020,000 in sales during 2014. That figure represents an 11.7% gain from 2010 and a 1.6% increase since 2013. The 6-digit Harmonized Tariff System code prefix for household dishwashers is 842211. Dishwashing Machines Exports by Country Below are the 15 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of dishwashing […]

World’s Fastest-Growing Trading Partners

After analyzing 2014 data for the 50 countries responsible for the greatest dollar value in imports, we found only one country that boosted their imports by over 100% since 2010. Seven of these 15 import-leading nations are in Asia. Three Middle Eastern importers (UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt) and two South American countries (Colombia and […]