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20 Most Valuable South African Export Products

Freedom Day for South Africa falls on April 27, a public holiday when South Africa celebrates the first post-apartheid elections held on that day in 1994. Freedom Day is also a good time to reflect on the successes of Africa’s third-richest economy (behind Egypt and Nigeria) in terms of export sales. Based on 2016 data, […]

Top Surveying Equipment Exporters by Country

Not that many people understand the technical equipment and technology behind critical land surveys that define the legal boundaries for their real estate properties. Yet history shows that many landowners have endured prolonged court battles and even intergenerational blood feuds over property lines. Land disputes can arise issues as mundane as misplaced fencing. Hotly contested […]

Portugal’s Top Trading Partners

Portugal shipped US$55.7 billion worth of products around the globe in 2016. That figure represents roughly 0.3% of overall global exports estimated at $16.236 trillion one year prior for 2015. From a continental perspective, over three-quarters (76.8%) of Portugal’s total exports by value in 2016 were delivered to other European countries. African importers purchased 8.2% […]

Heart Pacemaker Export Sales by Country

Global sales from heart pacemakers exports by country amounted to US$5.4 billion in 2016. The worldwide value of exported heart pacemakers declined by an average -9.5% for all exporting countries since 2012 when heart pacemakers shipments were valued at $6 billion. Year over year, the value of global heart pacemaker exports dipped -4% from 2015 […]

Top Pesticides Exporters

Global sales from pesticides exports by country amounted to US$30.9 billion in 2016. Overall, the value of pesticides exports were up by an average 5.9% for all exporting countries since 2012 when pesticides shipments were valued at $29.2 billion. From 2015 to 2016, exported pesticides depreciated by -3.3%. Among continents, European countries accounted for the […]

Palladium Exports by Country

Palladium is a silvery-white rare metal used to make vehicle catalytic converters, jewelry, timepieces, electrical contacts, surgical instruments, spark plugs and blood sugar test strips. Like gold, silver and platinum, palladium is also reported as bullion with its own currency codes. Overall palladium exports by country totaled US$7.9 billion in 2016, down by an average […]

Highest Value Sri Lankan Export Products

Different categories of men’s and women’s clothing are sprinkled among the 20 highest value Sri Lankan export products in 2016. The most valuable Sri Lankan export is tea. Cinnamon, refined petroleum oils and new rubber tires also appear among Sri Lanka’s highest value exports. The following list shows on which product categories Sri Lankan exporters […]

Top Cork Exporting Countries

Impermeable, buoyant, elastic and fire retardant material, cork is made from bark tissue. Commercial uses of cork include wine stoppers, bulletin boards, wall or floor tiles and even spacecraft heat shields. Global sales from cork exports by country amounted to US$1.6 billion in 2016. Overall, the value of cork exports were down by an average […]