Fastest-Growing Asian Export Countries

Sacks of food at Asian market

Asian food market

The following analysis highlights Asia’s fastest-growing export countries and is based on data for 2015. For more recent research statistics, please see the main article Top Asian Export Countries.

After analyzing 2015 export data, we found three Asian countries that more than doubled their export sales from 2011 to 2015. Leading gains ranged from 102% for Cambodia to 268.7% for Timor-Leste.

Overall, the average percentage change in the total value of all Asian shipments was a -3.1% decline over the 5-year period.

Nineteen Asian nations in our study posted declines in the value of their exports in 2015 compared to 2011. The worst performers were Kyrgyzstan (down -56.3%) and Kazakhstan (down -52.5%).

Fastest-Growing Asian Export Countries

 Exporters% Value Change 2011-52015 Exports
1. Timor-Leste268.7%$339.3 million
2. Afghanistan118.9%$822.7 million
3. Cambodia102%$13.5 billion
4. Vietnam92.5%$186.5 billion
5. Maldives73.2%$144.2 million
6. Macao69.5%$1.5 billion
7. Myanmar (Burma)54.9%$13.1 billion
8. Bangladesh45.8%$35.4 billion
9. Turkmenistan24.4%$9.3 billion
10. Philippines22.1%$58.6 billion
11. China20.2%$2281.9 billion
12. Laos13.9%$3.4 billion
13. Armenia12.3%$1.5 billion
14. Hong Kong9.4%$498.6 billion
15. Sri Lanka4.3%$10.4 billion
16. Georgia0.8%$2.2 billion
17. South Korea-5.1%$526.9 billion
18. Mongolia-6.5%$4.5 billion
19. Thailand-7.8%$210.9 billion
20. Taiwan-9.4%$280 billion
21. Malaysia-11.8%$200.2 billion
22. North Korea-12.1%$3 billion
23. India-12.3%$264.4 billion
24. Pakistan-12.8%$22.1 billion
25. Singapore-15.3%$346.8 billion
26. Uzbekistan-19.8%$5.6 billion
27. Japan-24.1%$625 billion
28. Indonesia-26.1%$150.3 billion
29. Nepal-27.3%$660.2 million
30. Tajikistan-37.9%$754.5 million
31. Azerbaijan-39.4%$16.1 billion
32. Bhutan-48.9%$231.3 million
33. Brunei Darussalam-49.8%$6.3 billion
34. Kazakhstan-52.5%$41.9 billion
35. Kyrgyzstan-56.3%$865.4 million

Among the fastest-growers, there are 1.2 million Timorese (residents of Timor-Leste). Afghanistan has a population of 26.8 million while Cambodia has 15 million citizens. Vietnam is home to 91.8 million citizens compared to 345,000 Maldivians.

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