Yemen’s Top 10 Exports

Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East. Geographically, the Arab nation shares borders with Saudi Arabia to its north, Oman to its east and northeast, the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden to its south and the Red Sea to its west. Exports from Yemen amounted to an estimated US$2 billion in 2015, […]

Iraq’s Top Trading Partners

The Republic of Iraq is home to a mosaic of ethnic cultures, predominately Arabs and Kurds. According to Wikipedia, 95% of Iraq’s population are Shia or Sunni Muslims. The country is surrounded by 6 nations: Iran on its eastern border, Kuwait to the southeast, Saudi Arabia to the south, Jordan to the southwest, Syria to […]

International Sales Opportunities for Exports to Egypt

The fact that Egypt imported US$44.5 billion more worth of products than it exported during 2014 is good news for suppliers around the globe. That’s because the multi-billion dollar trade deficit represents international sales opportunities for exports to Egypt since the country is a net spender on a specific set of goods highlighted below. Drilling […]

Fastest-Growing Middle Eastern Export Countries

The following analysis highlights the Middle East’s fastest-growing export countries and is based on data for 2014. For more recent research statistics, please see the main article Top Middle Eastern Export Countries. After analyzing 2014 export data, we found 12 Middle Eastern countries that increased their export sales from 2010 to 2014. The minimum gain […]

Fastest-Growing Iranian Export Products

Eleven of the 15 fastest-growing Iranian export products at least doubled in value from 2010 to 2014. Increases range from 100.3% for wrist watches to over 10,000% for Iran’s miscellaneous base metals shipments. Overall, Iranian exports fell in value by 23.4% over the 5-year period. Please note that this analysis is at the 2-digit Harmonized […]

Fastest-Growing Saudi Export Products

Five of the 15 fastest-growing Saudi export products posted a gain in value exceeding 200% from 2010 to 2014. Increases range from 210.9% for Saudi Arabia’s inorganic chemicals to 210.9% for inorganic chemicals to 5,200% for miscellaneous manufactured products. Overall, Saudi exports rose 38.9% over the 5-year period. Please note that this analysis is at […]

Fastest-Growing Saudi Import Products

All 15 of the fastest-growing Saudi import products posted triple-digit upticks in value from 2010 to 2014. Percentage gains ranged from 124% for worn clothing and miscellaneous textiles to an astounding 83,473,400% for imported arms and ammunition. Overall, Saudi imports rose 42.7% over the 5-year period. Please note that this analysis is at the 2-digit […]

Fastest-Growing Iraqi Export Products

Ten of the 15 fastest-growing Iraqi export products posted gains in value exceeding 1,000% from 2010 to 2014. Increases ranged from 1,352% for Iraqi shipments of pharmaceuticals to 26,880% for exported clocks and watches. Overall, Iraqi exports rose 69.5% over the 5-year period. Please note that this analysis is at the 2-digit Harmonized Tariff System […]