Highest Value Bolivian Export Products

Petroleum gases plus crude and refined oils were among the 20 highest value Bolivian export products in 2016. The most valuable Bolivian exports encompass gold, silver and jewelry. Zinc, tin and lead also appear among Bolivia’s highest value exports. The following list shows on which product categories Bolivian exporters generated the most revenue. Unlike most […]

Bolivia’s Top 10 Imports

Bolivia imported US$8.4 billion worth of goods from around the globe in 2016, up by 91.1% since 2009 but down by -13.7% from 2015 to 2016 Bolivia’s top 10 imports accounted for about two-thirds (66.8%) of the overall value of its product purchases from other countries. Bolivian imports represent 0.05% of total global imports which […]

Highest Value Bolivian Import Products

Processed petroleum oils, cars, trucks and new rubber tires were among the 20 highest value Bolivian import products in 2016. The most valuable Bolivian imports also include heavy machinery, public-transport vehicles and tractors. Phone system devices including smartphones represents another area where Bolivia shows strong domestic demand. The following list shows on which product categories […]

Trade Wars: United States Versus Brazil

American and Brazilian exporters and importers exchanged a total of about US$73 billion worth of products, a figure that represents inter-country sales to customers in both nations during 2014. Although United States is the world’s number two exporter with global shipments valued over 7 times higher than those for 24th-place Brazil, that doesn’t mean that […]

Brazil Major Product Supply Advantages

Brazil ran an overall trade deficit of -US$4 billion for 2014. However, Brazil did earn positive trade balances with 156 of the 222 foreign geographic entities with which it exchanges exports and imports. Brazilian exports to exceeded Brazil’s imports from Asian nations by $5.5 billion in 2014. Similarly, Brazil achieved a $5 billion trading surplus […]

Fastest-Growing South American Export Countries

Overall, the average increase in the total value of all South American shipments was 14.5% from 2010 to 2014. Bolivia, Paraguay and Ecuador posted the highest export increases, while Suriname was the laggard recording a 5.3% value decline over the 5-year period. Fastest-Growing South American Export Countries Listed below in descending order are the fastest-growing […]

Fastest-Growing Venezuelan Export Products

Seven of the 15 fastest-growing Venezuelan export products posted a gain in value exceed 1,000% from 2010 to 2014. Increases range from 1,122% for Venezuela’s dairy exports to 252,291% for meat and seafood preparations. Overall, exports from this South American nation rose 5.3% in value over the 5-year period. This international trade metric was weighted […]

Fastest-Growing Brazilian Export Products

Seven of Brazil’s fastest-growing export product categories posted at least triple-digit gains from 2010 to 2014. These range from ships and artwork to tin and vegetables, showcasing the wide diversity of the Brazilian economy. Please note that this analysis is at the 2-digit Harmonized Tariff System code level, which is better for looking at trends […]