Russia’s Top 10 Major Export Companies

Six of Russia’s 10 largest export players compete in the global petroleum industry. Two gigantic Russian chemicals firms also rank among the country’s top 10 exporters. To give some contextual perspective on recent company performance, the overall value of Russian exported goods declined by -45.6% from US$524.8 billion in 2012 to $285.5 billion during 2016. […]

Germany’s Top 10 Major Export Companies

Germany’s three biggest export companies are iconic automobile manufacturers. Three other monolithic German firms compete in the diversified chemicals industry and also rank among Deutschland’s top 10 product exporters. To give some contextual perspective on recent company performance, the overall value of German exports declined by -4.9% from US$1.410 trillion in 2012 to $1.341 trillion […]

Largest Oil and Gas Export Companies

Total oil and gas exports totaled US$1.363 trillion in 2016, down by -56.4% from $3.126 trillion during 2012. Those totals include crude and refined oils, petroleum gases and petroleum residues. Oil and gas products represent 8.6% of overall 2016 global exports which totaled $15.913 trillion for all products. Almost half (48.1%) of exported oil and […]

United Kingdom’s Top 10 Major Export Companies

Britain’s 10 largest export companies represent a diverse range of distinct industries: tobacco, diversified metals and mining, energy, pharmaceuticals, chemicals as well as the aerospace and defense sector. From a macroeconomic perspective, the overall value of all export products from the United Kingdom declined by -14.5% from US$481.2 billion in 2012 to $411.5 billion during […]

United States Top 10 Major Export Companies

Three computer hardware titans, two mammoth petroleum conglomerates, two medical industry players, plus two well-established automotive brands dominate the list of America’s top 10 major export companies. America’s leading international product suppliers were vetted based on company asset value as of May 2017. In the analysis below, we compare the top 10 export businesses based […]

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US Custom Charges for Imported Mobile Phones

If your smartphone-making business is located in Cuba or North Korea, the custom duty tariff rate on mobile phones imported into the US is a hefty 35%. That’s because those two countries are considered “Column 2 Countries” — entities outside of normal trade relations that America enjoys with other countries. Currently this dubious distinction is […]

Top Surveying Equipment Exporters by Country

Not that many people understand the technical equipment and technology behind critical land surveys that define the legal boundaries for their real estate properties. Yet history shows that many landowners have endured prolonged court battles and even intergenerational blood feuds over property lines. Land disputes can arise issues as mundane as misplaced fencing. Hotly contested […]