Indonesia’s Top 10 Imports

Indonesia imported US$156.9 billion worth of goods from around the globe in 2017, down by -15.9% since 2013 but up by 15.7% from 2016 to 2017. Indonesian imports represent approximately 1% of total global imports which totaled $16.054 trillion in 2016. From a continental perspective, 74.2% of Indonesia’s total imports by value in 2017 were […]

Report Card for Trade Surpluses and Deficits by Country

According to latest International Trade Centre reports, 71 among the world’s 230 countries, islands, territories or other geographic entities posted an overall trade surplus for 2017. Those 71 trade partners listed below generated more sales revenue from exports than payments due for import purchases. Thirty-five of the 71 trading entities generating a positive trade balance […]

Top Canadian Trade Balances

Trucks, auto parts or accessories, smartphones and other technology-related goods were major factors behind Canada’s highest product trade deficits during 2018. China and Mexico placed first and second respectively among trade partners with which Canada experienced the highest negative trade balances. Canada’s overall trade deficit for all products equaled -US$11.8 billion in 2017, up by […]

International Markets for Imported Milk by Country

Worldwide purchases of imported milk totaled US$28.6 billion in 2017. Overall, the value of milk imports declined by -15.2% for all importer countries since 2013 when import purchases of milk were valued at $33.7 billion. Year over year, international purchases of milk appreciated by 14.4% from 2016 to 2017. From a continental perspective, Asian countries […]

USA-China Key Product Trade Stats 2017

The United States of America incurred a total -US$395.8 billion deficit exchanging exported and imported goods with the People’s Republic of China during 2017. That dollar amount reflects a 17.3% expansion from America’s -$337.4 billion negative trade balance with China five years earlier in 2013. To give some context to the magnitude of China’s product […]

Top Glass and Glassware Exports by Country

Glass and glassware exports by country totaled US$71.6 billion in 2017, down by -4.5% for all product shippers over the five-year period starting in 2013. Globally, the value of exported glass and glassware increased 3.5% from 2016 to 2017. Made principally from silica, glass is a hardened material that is typically transparent but can also […]

Sweden’s Top 15 Trading Partners

Bordering Norway and Finland and connected to Denmark via a bridge-tunnel, Sweden is a country in northern Europe. Its official name is the Kingdom of Sweden. Sweden shipped US$153.1 billion worth of products around the globe in 2017. That figure represents roughly 1% of overall global exports estimated at $15.952 trillion one year earlier in […]

Paper Imports by Country

Worldwide purchases of imported paper totaled US$163.6 billion in 2017. Overall, the value of paper imports decreased by -6.5% for all importing countries since 2013 when international purchases of paper were valued at $175.1 billion. Year over year, imported paper purchases expanded by 4.8% from 2016 to 2017. Paper is produced by pressing together moist […]