USA-China Key Product Trade Stats 2017

The United States of America incurred a total -US$395.8 billion deficit exchanging exported and imported goods with the People’s Republic of China during 2017. That dollar amount reflects a 17.3% expansion from America’s -$337.4 billion negative trade balance with China five years earlier in 2013. To give some context to the magnitude of China’s product […]

Top Fresh or Frozen Chicken Imports by Country

Worldwide purchases of imported fresh, chilled or frozen chicken totaled US$20.7 billion in 2017. Of that global sum, $15.3 billion (74%) was for imported frozen poultry meat while $5.4 billion (26%) equals international spending on fresh or chilled chicken imports. From a continental perspective, Asia accounted for 57.3% of frozen chicken imports but just 6.5% […]

France’s Top Trading Partners

Nicknamed “The Hexagon” (l’Hexagone en français) because of the country’s roughly six-sided shape, France is strategically located on the European continent. It borders Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Italy to the east, Andorra to the South and Spain to the west. England is almost due north across the English Channel from France. France shipped US$522.8 […]

Coal Imports by Country

Global purchases of imported coal totaled US$131.01 billion in 2017. The overall value of coal imports were roughly on par with 2013 when coal purchases were valued at $131.02 billion. From a continental perspective, Asian countries accounted for the highest dollar worth of imported coal during 2017 with purchases valued at $93.6 billion or 71.5% […]

Fresh or Frozen Beef Imports by Country

Encompassing fresh, chilled and frozen beef, worldwide purchases of imported beef totaled US$43.7 billion in 2017. The overall value of beef imports rose 10.6% for all importing countries since 2013 when beef purchases were valued at $39.5 billion. Year over year, globally imported beef increased in value by 12.9% from 2016 to 2017. From a […]

Top United States Trade Balances

Refined petroleum, soya beans, corn and semi-conductor making machinery are major drivers for the highest positive trade balances for the United States. Cars, crude oil and smartphones represent major factors causing the US to endure the greatest trade deficits by product. America’s trade balance for all products totaled a -US$862.7 billion deficit for 2017, up […]

Macau’s Top Trading Partners

Officially named the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, Macau exported an estimated US$1.3 billion worth of products around the globe in 2016. The bulk of Macau’s shipments were delivered to its East Asian neighbors, unsurprising given Macau’s strategic location on the west side of the Pearl River Delta and just […]

America’s Top Trading Partners

US President Donald Trump has called into question the merits of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). In 2017, a third of American exports (34%) were delivered to Canada and Mexico. However, that percentage could change should the NAFTA agreement be dissolved. The world’s second-largest exporter, the United States shipped US$1.547 trillion worth of […]