Fastest-Growing African Export Countries

South African airline

South African airline

The following analysis highlights Africa’s fastest-growing countries and is based on data for 2015. For more recent research data, please see the main article Top African Export Countries.

After analyzing 2015 export data, we found 3 African countries that more than doubled their export sales from 2011 to 2015: British Indian Ocean Territories (up 115%), Sierra Leone (up 104%) and Cameroon (up 102.7%).

Overall, the average decline in the total value of shipments out of Africa was -40.2% over the 5-year period.

There were many losers. Thirty-seven African nations posted declines in the value of their exports, ranging from a -5.8% drop for Burkina Faso to a -64.9% loss for Western Sahara.

Fastest-Growing African Export Countries

The following list is sorted in descending order, starting with the fastest-growing African export countries. Also shown is the percentage increase in a country’s global exports from 2011 to 2015, as well as the value of exports in 2015.

 Exporters% Value Change from 20112015 Exports
1. British Indian Ocean Terr.115%$31.6 million
2. Sierra Leone104%$569.6 million
3. Cameroon102.7%$4.4 billion
4. Ethiopia92.3%$5 billion
5. Comoros84%$41.2 million
6. Benin61%$625.6 million
7. Madagascar55.2%$2 billion
8. Saint Helena46.2%$35.8 million
9. French South Antarctic Terr.42%$28 million
10. Somalia35.8%$541.3 million
11. Sao Tome/Principe30.6%$14.4 million
12. Eritrea30.5%$443 million
13. Gambia18.6%$112.5 million
14. Lesotho18.5%$912.6 million
15. Seychelles15%$449.4 million
16. Mauritius10%$2.5 billion
17. Swaziland8.7%$1.7 billion
18. Uganda5%$2.3 billion
19. Liberia4.2%$1.1 billion
20. Morocco2.5%$22.2 billion
21. Burkina Faso-5.8%$2.2 billion
22. Central African Republic-6.8%$96.9 million
23. Mozambique-11.3%$3.2 billion
24. Guinea-12.5%$1.6 billion
25. Cote d'Ivoire-16.9%$9.2 billion
26. Djibouti-18.3%$96.2 million
27. Kenya-20.9%$4.6 billion
28. Togo-21.2%$671.9 million
29. Zambia-22.4%$7 billion
30. Tunisia-22.5%$13.8 billion
31. Zimbabwe-23%$2.7 billion
32. Mauritania-23.7%$1.9 billion
33. Malawi-24.2%$1.1 billion
34. Rwanda-25.1%$300.4 million
35. Democratic Rep. Congo-26.3%$5.1 billion
36. Niger-26.8%$791 million
37. Tanzania-27.2%$3.4 billion
38. Cabo Verde-29.6%$215.2 million
39. Egypt-32.9%$21.2 billion
40. South Africa-35.5%$69.6 billion
41. Botswana-35.5%$3.8 billion
42. Guinea-Bissau-37.4%$241.1 million
43. Chad-40.5%$2.3 billion
44. Ghana-41.2%$10.7 billion
45. Burundi-42.2%$114.4 million
46. Senegal-44%$1.4 billion
47. Libya-46.0%$10.1 billion
48. Angola-46.7%$35.2 billion
49. Sudan (North + South)-48.5%$4.6 billion
50. Equatorial Guinea-49.4%$6.7 billion
51. Congo-49.5%$7 billion
52. Algeria-51.4%$35.7 billion
53. Gabon-52.6%$5 billion
54. Namibia-58.5%$2.4 billion
55. Nigeria-59.5%$50.9 billion
56. Mali-59.9%$951.6 million
57. Western Sahara-64.9%$1.5 million

Home to an estimated 3,000 residents, the British Indian Ocean Territory is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom situated in the Indian Ocean halfway between Tanzania and Indonesia.

The British Indian Ocean Territory’s top exported products are computer parts, accessories and fish.

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