Fastest-Growing Cuban Export Products

Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Four of the 15 fastest-growing Cuban export products posted a gain in value exceeding 1,000% from 2010 to 2014. Increases range from 1,144% for Cuba’s rubber to 69,900% for the base metal cobalt.

Overall, Cuban exports declined in value by 16.8% over the 5-year period.

Please note that this analysis is at the 2-digit Harmonized Tariff System code level, which is better for looking at trends as opposed to uncovering opportunities at the more micro 8-digit code level.

Fastest-Growing Cuban Export Products

Listed below in descending order are the fastest-growing Cuban export products sorted by the percentage increase in a product category’s value from 2010 to 2014. Also shown is each category’s dollar value in 2014.

  1. Other base metals: Up by 69,900% (US$2.8 million)
  2. Meat: Up by 20,500% ($412,000)
  3. Railway, tram equipment: Up by 1,246% ($175,000)
  4. Rubber: Up by 1,144% ($311,000)
  5. Gems, precious metals, coins: Up by 607.9% ($8.7 million)
  6. Aircraft, spacecraft: Up by 410.7% ($526,000)
  7. Other base metal goods: Up by 384.3% ($431,000)
  8. Gums, resins: Up by 378.6% ($560,000)
  9. Wood: Up by 272.2% ($38.8 million)
  10. Other chemical goods: Up by 268.6% ($17.1 million)
  11. Iron or steel products: Up by 187.5% ($3.1 million)
  12. Cocoa: Up by 171.3% ($3.8 million)
  13. Medical, technical equipment: Up by 147.0% ($5.2 million)
  14. Furniture, lighting, signs: Up by 131.4% ($3.6 million)
  15. Raw hides excluding furskins: Up by 117.4% ($5.3 million)

    Cobalt mattes and other cobalt products and items (including cobalt waste and scrap) led other base metals to its first-place finish.

    Fresh, chilled or frozen chicken represent the top gainer for the second-place meat category.

    Cargo containers used in multiple transportation modes propelled railway and tram equipment to its third-place finish.

    New rubber tires also posted significant sales increases for Cuban exporters.

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