Fastest-Growing Middle Eastern Export Countries

Architecture in Cairo, Egypt

Architecture in Cairo, Egypt

The following analysis highlights the Middle East’s fastest-growing export countries and is based on data for 2014. For more recent research statistics, please see the main article Top Middle Eastern Export Countries.

After analyzing 2014 export data, we found 12 Middle Eastern countries that increased their export sales from 2010 to 2014. The minimum gain in value was 1.8% for Egypt up to Qatar’s 75.5% appreciation.

Four other nations posted declines in the value of their shipments: Iran (down 21.6%), Lebanon (down 22.1%), Palestine (down 81.7%) and Syrian Arab Republic (down 92.5%).

Overall, the average increase for all Middle East exporters was 33.7%.

Fastest-Growing Middle Eastern Export Countries

Listed below in descending order are the fastest-growing Middle Eastern export countries. Shown within parentheses is the percentage value increase in a country’s global exports from 2010 to 2014.

 Exporters% Value Change from 20102014 Exports
1.Qatar75.5%US$131.6 billion
2. Iraq72.2%$85.4 billion
3. Kuwait61.3%$101.1 billion
4. Yemen38.8%$8.9 billion
5. Oman38.6%$50.7 billion
6. Turkey38.4%$157.7 billion
7. Saudi Arabia38%$346.7 billion
8. United Arab Emirates27.4%$207.1 billion
9. Jordan19.4%$8.4 billion
10. Israel18.1%$69 billion
11. Bahrain12.3%$18 billion
12. Egypt1.8%$26.8 billion
13. Iran-21.6%$65.7 billion
14. Lebanon-22.1%$3.3 billion
15. Palestine-81.7%$105.5 million
16. Syrian Arab Republic-92.5%$850.1 million

The world’s richest country, Qatar has a population of 2.4 million people and boasts the highest per-capita GDP. Quatar’s leading exports are petroleum gases and crude oil with refined oil representing less than 5% of Qatari export sales.

Iraq is home to 36.6 million citizens compared to 4.2 million for Kuwait. And while crude petroleum is the major export product for both Mideast countries, Kuwait ships far more processed oil than Iraq.

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