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Fresh eggs exports by country totaled US$2.1 billion in 2017, down by -10.2% for all fresh eggs shippers over the five-year period starting in 2013. Year over year, the value of exported fresh eggs increased 16.7% from 2016 to 2017.

According to the information portal Farm Flavor, eggs are the world’s eighth-most popular food ahead of apples then soup.

Among continents, European countries accounted for the highest dollar worth of exported fresh eggs during 2017 with shipments valued at $1.4 billion or almost two-thirds (64.9%) of the global total. In second place were Asian exporters at 30% while 4.3% of worldwide shipments for fresh eggs originated from North America. Smaller percentages came from Latin America (0.4%) excluding Mexico but including the Caribbean, Oceania (0.3%) led by New Zealand, then Africa (0.2%).

The 6-digit Harmonized Tariff System code prefix is 047021 for fresh eggs in shell of domestic fowls (excluding eggs fertilized for incubation).

Top Fresh Eggs Exports by Country

Top 15

Below are the 15 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of fresh eggs during 2017.

  1. Netherlands: US$483.7 million (22.6% of total exported fresh eggs)
  2. Turkey: $326.4 million (15.3%)
  3. Poland: $317 million (14.8%)
  4. Germany: $162 million (7.6%)
  5. China: $112.8 million (5.3%)
  6. Malaysia: $108.3 million (5.1%)
  7. United States: $91.2 million (4.3%)
  8. Belgium: $70.6 million (3.3%)
  9. Ukraine: $68.6 million (3.2%)
  10. Spain: $48 million (2.2%)
  11. France: $30.3 million (1.4%)
  12. Belarus: $28.9 million (1.3%)
  13. Latvia: $28.1 million (1.3%)
  14. India: $23.8 million (1.1%)
  15. Russia: $19.7 million (0.9%)

The listed 15 countries shipped 89.8% of all fresh eggs exported in 2017 by value.

Among the top exporters, the fastest-growing fresh eggs exporters since 2013 were: Latvia (up 52.7%), Poland (up 29.3%), Spain (up 29.1%) and Russia (up 19.3%).

Those countries that posted declines in their exported fresh eggs sales were led by: Belarus (down -48.8%), United States (down -42.8%), Netherlands (down -28.6%), Malaysia (down -17.6%) and France (down -16.9%).


The following countries posted the highest positive net exports for fresh eggs during 2017. Investopedia defines net exports as the value of a country’s total exports minus the value of its total imports. Thus, the statistics below present the surplus between the value of each country’s exported fresh eggs and its import purchases for that same commodity.

  1. Turkey: US$326.3 million (net export surplus down -8.2% since 2013)
  2. Poland: $306.6 million (up 35.3%)
  3. Netherlands: $258.5 million (down -41.5%)
  4. China: $112.8 million (up 6.2%)
  5. Malaysia: $108.3 million (down -17.5%)
  6. United States: $90.9 million (down -42.8%)
  7. Ukraine: $68.5 million (down -6.3%)
  8. Spain: $44.4 million (up 34.8%)
  9. Belarus: $28.8 million (down -48.9%)
  10. India: $23.8 million (up 15.2%)
  11. Latvia: $19.5 million (up 510.2%)
  12. Saudi Arabia: $14.8 million (down -79.3%)
  13. Kazakhstan: $12.2 million (reversing a -$1.4 million deficit)
  14. Thailand: $11.3 million (down -26.4%)
  15. Portugal: $10.4 million (up 87.1%)

Turkey has the highest surplus in the international trade of fresh eggs. In turn, this positive cashflow confirms strong Turkish competitive advantage for this specific product category.


The following countries posted the highest negative net exports for fresh eggs during 2017. Investopedia defines net exports as the value of a country’s total exports minus the value of its total imports. Thus, the statistics below present the deficit between the value of each country’s imported fresh eggs purchases and its exports for that same commodity.

  1. Germany: -US$437.5 million (net export deficit down -6.6% since 2013)
  2. Iraq: -$307.7 million (up 35.4%)
  3. Hong Kong: -$170.5 million (up 1.9%)
  4. Singapore: -$95.8 million (down -17%)
  5. United Arab Emirates: -$64.6 million (up 38.2%)
  6. Switzerland: -$43.3 million (down -26.3%)
  7. United Kingdom: -$42.1 million (down -1.3%)
  8. France: -$38.3 million (reversing an $8.3 million surplus)
  9. Canada: -$33.6 million (down -14.4%)
  10. Italy: -$32.8 million (down -67%)
  11. Qatar: -$29.3 million (up 27,314%)
  12. Austria: -$22.6 million (up 51.1%)
  13. Czech Republic: -$17.3 million (up 33.3%)
  14. Afghanistan: -$16.8 million (no 2013 data)
  15. Macao: -$15.9 million (up 4.8%)

Germany incurred the highest deficit in the international trade of fresh eggs. In turn, this negative cashflow highlights Germany’s competitive disadvantage for this specific product category but also signals opportunities for fresh eggs-supplying countries that help satisfy the powerful consumer demand.


Exporters of Fresh Eggs Companies

Below are global producers, trading companies, agents, distributors or wholesalers that represent established players engaged in the international trade of fresh eggs. The home country for each entity is shown within parenthesis.

  • Burnbrae Farms (Canada)
  • Chickfriend (Netherlands)
  • Poultry-Vision (Belgium)
  • Rose Acre Farms (United States)
  • Rose Acre Farms (United States)
  • Suguna Foods (India)
  • Swiss Farms (United States)
  • Vital Farms (United States)

According to global trading platform Alibaba, the following suppliers are also examples of fresh eggs exporters. The home-country location for each business is shown within parentheses:

  • Aldera Dis Ticaret Ve Danismanlik (Turkey)
  • Aspro BV (Netherlands)
  • Camar Agroalimentaria SL (Spain)
  • Easy Connect (Germany)
  • EuroCommerce Ltd (Ukraine)
  • Konica Pheasant Breed Farm (China)
  • Methos LLC (Poland)
  • QL Deli Fresh (Malaysia)


Searchable List of Fresh Eggs Exporting Countries

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RankExporter2017 Fresh Eggs Exports% World Total
1.Netherlands$483.7 million22.6%
2.Turkey$326.4 million15.3%
3.Poland$317 million14.8%
4.Germany$162 million7.6%
5.China$112.8 million5.3%
6.Malaysia$108.3 million5.1%
7.United States$91.2 million4.3%
8.Belgium$70.6 million3.3%
9.Ukraine$68.6 million3.2%
10.Spain$48 million2.2%
11.France$30.3 million1.4%
12.Belarus$28.9 million1.3%
13.Latvia$28.1 million1.3%
14.India$23.8 million1.1%
15.Russia$19.7 million0.9%
16.Portugal$16.1 million0.8%
17.Italy$15.7 million0.7%
18.Saudi Arabia$15.2 million0.7%
19.Bulgaria$14.3 million0.7%
20.Kazakhstan$12.7 million0.6%
21.Ireland$12.3 million0.6%
22.Lithuania$11.5 million0.5%
23.Romania$11.4 million0.5%
24.Thailand$11.4 million0.5%
25.Finland$9.8 million0.5%
26.Oman$9.7 million0.5%
27.Czech Republic$9.2 million0.4%
28.Japan$9.1 million0.4%
29.Austria$6.7 million0.3%
30.New Zealand$4.8 million0.2%
31.United Arab Emirates$4.2 million0.2%
32.Brazil$4 million0.2%
33.United Kingdom$3.6 million0.2%
34.Hong Kong$3.4 million0.2%
35.Sweden$3.1 million0.1%
36.Denmark$2.9 million0.1%
37.Serbia$2.7 million0.1%
38.South Africa$2.7 million0.1%
39.Slovakia$2.6 million0.1%
40.Dominican Republic$2.3 million0.1%
41.Estonia$1.5 million0.1%
42.Honduras$1.5 million0.1%
43.Jordan$1.4 million0.1%
44.Macedonia$1.2 million0.1%
45.Bosnia/Herzegovina$1.2 million0.1%
46.Albania$1.1 million0.1%
47.Slovenia$1.1 million0.1%
48.Singapore$1.1 million0.1%
49.Hungary$1.1 million0.05%
50.Croatia$1 million0.05%
72.South Korea$26,0000.001%
82.El Salvador$3,0000.0001%

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