Highest Value Turkish Export Products

Turkish carpets

Turkish carpets

Unprocessed gold and refined petroleum were among the 20 highest value Turkish export products in 2017.

The most valuable Turkish exports also include cars, trucks, automobile accessories and piston engine parts. Jewelry and clothing are other popular exports from Turkey.

The following list shows from which product categories Turkish exporters generated the most revenue. Unlike most information currently available on the web, the items below are detailed at the 4-digit tariff code level.

This level of granularity can help entrepreneurs identify more precisely which products for which Turkey enjoys strong demand and competitive advantages compared with other nations. Innovation can transform these insights into lucrative business opportunities.

For the most recent four-digit HTS code data, please see the Searchable List of Turkey’s Most Valuable Exports Products section in the Turkey’s Top 10 Exports article. For a link to that article, see the See also paragraph above Research Sources below.

Highest Value Turkish Export Products

Below are the 20 highest value export products delivered to international customers in 2017. Shown within brackets is the change in value for each exported product year over year.

  1. Cars: US$11.8 billion (up 41.4% since 2016)
  2. Gold (unwrought): $6.6 billion (down -19.9%)
  3. Trucks: $4.8 billion (up 5.3%)
  4. Jewelry: $4.1 billion (up 9.9%)
  5. Automobile parts/accessories: $4.1 billion (up 6.4%)
  6. Processed petroleum oils: $3.7 billion (up 31.6%)
  7. T-shirts, vests (knit or crochet): $2.9 billion (down -1.8%)
  8. Iron or non-alloy steel bars, rods: $2.6 billion (down -2.9%)
  9. Women’s clothing (not knit or crochet): $2.5 billion (up 9.2%)
  10. Insulated wire/cable: $1.9 billion (up 8.9%)
  11. Carpets, other textile floor coverings: $1.8 billion (up 13.6%)
  12. Refrigerators, freezers: $1.8 billion (up 3.6%)
  13. Jerseys, pullovers (knit or crochet): $1.8 billion (up 10.7%)
  14. Piston engine parts: $1.7 billion (up 7.1%)
  15. Public-transport vehicles: $1.6 billion (up 7.8%)
  16. TV receivers/monitors/projectors: $1.5 billion (up 4.5%)
  17. Men’s suits, trousers (not knit or crochet): $1.4 billion (down -5.9%)
  18. Hot-rolled iron or non-alloy steel products: $1.4 billion (up 70.5%)
  19. Miscellaneous furniture: $1.3 billion (up 1.9%)
  20. Miscellaneous nuts: $1.3 billion (down -5.8%)

Among these product categories, hot-rolled iron or non-alloy steel products posted the greatest year-over-year increase in Turkish export sales with a 70.5% gain in value from $832.2 million in 2016 to $1.4 billion during 2017.

In second place were exported cars which grew 41.4%.

Turkish exports of processed petroleum oils also showed a respectable gain of 31.6%.

Leading the decliners were exported gold, down -19.9%.

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