Hong Kong’s Fastest-Growing Trading Partners

Hong Kong’s Top Import Partners

by Flagpictures.org

The following analysis highlights Hong Kong’s fastest-growing trading partners and is based on data for 2014. For more recent research statistics, please see the main article Hong Kong’s Top Trading Partners.

After analyzing 2014 data for 100 countries responsible for consuming the greatest dollar value in imports from Hong Kong, we found 9 nations that boosted their imports by over 300% since 2010.

Most of Hong Kong’s fastest-growing import partners are located in Africa and Asia, with Iraq in the Middle East and South America’s Colombia among the notable exceptions.

Hong Kong’s Fastest-Growing Import Partners

Listed below in descending order below are the fastest-growing import countries for Hong Kong’s exported products. These nations boosted imports from Hong Kong by the greatest percentages over the five-year period ending in 2014.

  1. Mozambique: Up 1,016% since 2010 (US$76,800,000)
  2. Iraq: Up 826.4% ($57,717,000)
  3. Azerbaijan: Up 796.2% ($98,208,000)
  4. Algeria: Up 706.5% ($181,435,000)
  5. Papua New Guinea: Up 478.2% ($101,147,000)
  6. Nepal: Up 474.2% ($200,685,000)
  7. Zambia: Up 442.3% ($56,337,000)
  8. Angola: Up 394.4% ($155,391,000)
  9. Uganda: Up 362.3% ($62,460,000)
  10. Tanzania: Up 293.4% ($95,974,000)
  11. Colombia: Up 273.3% ($682,488,000)
  12. Guatemala: Up 237.0% ($229,772,000)
  13. Myanmar: Up 200.5% ($160,954,000)
  14. El Salvador: Up 196.2% ($88,282,000)
  15. Kazakhstan: Up 189.4% ($108,159,000)

Line telephone equipment led the fastest-growing Hong Kong products delivered to Mozambique, Iraq and Algeria. Mobile phones and large turbojets experienced accelerating sales from Hong Kong to Azerbaijan.

Besides line telephone equipment, tugboats and pusher craft were among the top export gainers for Hong Kong shipments to Papua New Guinea.

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