Infographic: US Exports in 2012

Infographic US Exports

American Exports were up by 20.3%

The United States has made considerable progress in improving its export sales to the rest of the world.

This US exports infographic shows that since the Great Recession started in 2008, America has grown its global shipments by one-fifth. That 20.3% improvement compares with the worldwide average increase of 14.8% for all exporting countries from 2008 to 2012.

Check our WTEX website often for any signs that America’s exports are slowing down or picking up speed in 2013. We update our research as soon as new statistics become available.


In the meantime, peruse the chart below that shows the overall progress in global exports since 2008. There definitely hasn’t been a “V-shaped” recovery. Still, world export sales have made steady progress over the five-year study period. What this means is that import customers are still buying and that international cash flows remain flowing.

Will individual country and regional debt problems derail the brightening export picture? That depends on whether importing countries can continue to afford to pay for their imports. In international trade, items are often paid for after delivery. This in turn means that importers rely on credit. If a global credit crisis erupts, this will severely impact global exports.

Only time will tell whether importing countries can sustain the growth in export sales since 2008.

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