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#FreeExportsDirectory Giveaway
In addition to the General Terms and Conditions below, the #FreeExportsDirectory giveaway opportunity requires that all applicants have their own verifiable business email address and website. Only one listing per business is allowed.

Certain countries identified by Stanford University’s Export Compliance as Comprehensively Embargoed Countries are ineligible to participate in the #FreeExportsDirectory offer. Examples of ineligible jurisdictions are the Crimea Region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

Dangerous or offensive goods such as, but not limited to, bomb-making materials, weaponry and pornography will not be accepted. Similarly, any services associated directly or indirectly with criminal conduct are expressly prohibited solely as determined by WTEx.

WTEx reserves the right to terminate this or any other giveaway opportunity at any time without advance notice.

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General Terms and Conditions
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