Sugar Imports by Country

Imported Sugar by Country

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Global purchases of imported sugar in 2015 totaled US$22.6 billion. Overall, the value of sugar imports for all importing countries was down by an average -43.6% since 2011 when sugar purchases were valued at $40.1 billion.

From a continental perspective, Asian countries accounted for the highest dollar worth of imported sugar during 2015 with purchases valued at $9.7 billion or 43.1% of the global total. In second place were African importers at 19.6% while 19.3% of worldwide sugar imports were delivered to European Union members. North American nations represent 10.1% of imported sugar purchases.

The 4-digit Harmonized Tariff System code prefix for sugar is 1701. This includes solid-form cane or beet sugar and chemically pure sucrose.

Sugar Imports by Country

Top 15

Below are the 15 countries that imported the highest dollar value worth of sugar during 2015:

  1. United States: US$1.83 billion (8.1% of total sugar imports)
  2. China: $1.77 billion (7.8%)
  3. Bangladesh: $790.9 million (3.5%)
  4. Malaysia: $711.3 million (3.1%)
  5. South Korea: $692.4 million (3.1%)
  6. Italy: $691.5 million (3.1%)
  7. Indonesia: $682.7 million (3%)
  8. United Kingdom: $607.7 million (2.7%)
  9. Algeria: $555.5 million (2.5%)
  10. United Arab Emirates: $518.1 million (2.3%)
  11. India: $500.7 million (2.2%)
  12. Spain: $493.4 million (2.2%)
  13. Sudan (North + South): $479.4 million (2.1%)
  14. Japan: $462.8 million (2%)
  15. Myanmar (Burma): $458.5 million (2%)

Among the above countries, the fastest-declining sugar importers since 2011 were: Indonesia (down -60.8%), Japan (down -60.4%), Spain (down -57.9%) and Algeria (down -50.3%).

Three countries posted increases in their imported sugar purchases, namely India with its 995.3% increase, Myanmar (Burma) up 748.7%, and Sudan up 17.1%.

The listed 15 countries purchased 49.7% of all sugar imports in 2015.


Sugar Imports into the United States

Below are the top 15 suppliers from which the United States imported the highest dollar value worth of sugar during 2015. Within parenthesis is the percentage change in value for each supplying country since 2011.

  1. Mexico: $817.9 million (down -36%)
  2. Brazil: $176.1 million (down -57.9%)
  3. Guatemala: $124.6 million (up 7.6%)
  4. Dominican Republic: $102 million (down -33.4%)
  5. El Salvador: $74.2 million (down -11.4%)
  6. Costa Rica: $64.6 million (up 19.3%)
  7. Australia: $57.7 million (down -20.7%)
  8. Colombia: $51.8 million (up 22.7%)
  9. Paraguay: $51.2 million (down -17.9%)
  10. Nicaragua: $34 million (down -24.8%)
  11. Argentina: $33 million (down -30.5%)
  12. Honduras: $31.7 million (up 63.8%)
  13. Philippines: $31.2 million (down -88.7%)
  14. Panama: $20.9 million (down -47%)
  15. Swaziland: $14.9 million (up 75.7%)

The listed 15 countries shipped 92.2% of all American sugar imports in 2015.

Among the above countries, the fastest-declining suppliers of sugar to the United States since 2011 were: Philippines (down -88.7%), Brazil (down -57.9%), Panama (down -47%) and Mexico (down -36%).

Those countries that upped the value of their sugar supplies to American importers were: Swaziland (up 75.7%), Honduras (up 63.8%), Colombia (up 22.7%) and Costa Rica (up 19.3%).

Overall, the value of American sugar imports were down by an average -37.2% from all supplying countries since 2011 when sugar purchases were valued at $2.9 billion.


Sugar Imports into China

Below are the top 15 suppliers from which China imported the highest dollar value worth of sugar during 2015. Within parenthesis is the percentage change in value for each supplying country since 2011.

  1. Brazil: $943.5 million (down -25.6%)
  2. Thailand: $234.9 million (up 28.5%)
  3. Cuba: $214 million (down -29.1%)
  4. Australia: $120.2 million (up 1,042%)
  5. Guatemala: $118.6 million (up 14,785%)
  6. South Korea: $95.9 million (down -36.4%)
  7. El Salvador: $35.6 million (down 0%)
  8. Malaysia: $3.8 million (down -30.5%)
  9. Myanmar (Burma): $1.8 million (down -17.9%)
  10. United Arab Emirates: $1.1 million (up 6,988%)
  11. Cambodia: $1 million (up 15.7%)
  12. Taiwan: $629,000 (up 1,210%)
  13. Mauritius: $537,000 (up 14%)
  14. New Zealand: $525,000 (up 78.6%)
  15. India: $513,000 (down -71.2%)

The listed 15 countries shipped 99.95% of all Chinese sugar imports in 2015.

Among the above countries, the fastest-declining suppliers of sugar to China since 2011 were: India (down -71.2%), South Korea (down -36.4%), Malaysia (down -30.5%) and Cuba (down -29.1%).

Those countries that upped the value of their sugar supplies to Chinese importers were led by: Guatemala (up 14,785%), United Arab Emirates (up 6,988%), Taiwan (up 1,210%) and Australia (up 1,042%).

Overall, the value of Chinese sugar imports were down by an average -8.7% from all supplying countries since 2011 when sugar purchases were valued at $1.9 billion.


Sugar Imports into Bangladesh

Below are the top 15 suppliers from which Bangladesh imported the highest dollar value worth of sugar during 2011. Within parenthesis is the percentage change in value for each supplying country since 2011.

  1. Brazil: $842.9 million (up 425.2%)
  2. India: $197.5 million (up 85.1%)
  3. Thailand: $112.2 million (up 344.5%)
  4. Australia: $1.5 million (down -84.9%)
  5. Singapore: $1.3 million (up 1628%)
  6. Malaysia: $760,000 (up 630.8%)
  7. South Korea: $499,000 (up 217.8%)
  8. Germany: $225,000 (up 18.4%)
  9. Saudi Arabia: $209,000 (down -61.9%)
  10. Italy: $119,000 (down 0%)
  11. China: $79,000 (down -83.7%)
  12. Hong Kong: $58,000 (down 0%)
  13. United Arab Emirates: $32,000 (down -59.5%)
  14. United Kingdom: $31,000 (down -77.2%)
  15. Switzerland: $7,000 (down -30%)

The listed 15 countries shipped 99.999% of all Bangladeshi sugar imports in 2011.

Among the above countries, the fastest-increasing suppliers of sugar to Bangladesh since 2011 were: Singapore (up 1,628%), Malaysia (up 630.8%), Brazil (up 425.2%) and Thailand (up 344.5%).

Those countries that posted declines in the value of their sugar supplies to Bangladeshi importers were led by: Australia (down -84.9%), China (down -83.7%), United Kingdom (down -77.2%) and Saudi Arabia (down -61.9%).

Overall, the value of Bangladeshi sugar imports were up by an average 278.8% from all supplying countries since 2011 when sugar purchases were valued at $305.6 million.


Searchable List of Sugar Importing Countries

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RankImporter2015 Sugar Imports% World Total
1.United StatesUS$1.83 billion8.1%
2.China$1.77 billion7.8%
3.Bangladesh$790.9 million3.5%
4.Malaysia$711.3 million3.1%
5.South Korea$692.4 million3.1%
6.Italy$691.5 million3.1%
7.Indonesia$682.7 million3%
8.United Kingdom$607.7 million2.7%
9.Algeria$555.5 million2.5%
10.United Arab Emirates$518.1 million2.3%
11.India$500.7 million2.2%
12.Spain$493.4 million2.2%
13.Sudan (North + South)$479.4 million2.1%
14.Japan$462.8 million2%
15.Myanmar (Burma)$458.5 million2%
16.Germany$432.2 million1.9%
17.Nigeria$406.1 million1.8%
18.Egypt$398.3 million1.8%
19.Canada$374.1 million1.7%
20.Russia$371.2 million1.6%
21.Saudi Arabia$328.3 million1.5%
22.South Africa$272.9 million1.2%
23.Belgium$265.6 million1.2%
24.Morocco$253 million1.1%
25.Sri Lanka$243.4 million1.1%
26.France$225 million1%
27.Venezuela$221.1 million1%
28.Taiwan$214.3 million0.9%
29.Iraq$210.9 million0.9%
30.Netherlands$204.9 million0.9%
31.Chile$202.9 million0.9%
32.Ethiopia$200.1 million0.9%
33.Romania$190.6 million0.8%
34.Israel$182.9 million0.8%
35.Tunisia$175.9 million0.8%
36.Yemen$175.5 million0.8%
37.Somalia$174.2 million0.8%
38.Cambodia$169.9 million0.8%
39.Kazakhstan$161.6 million0.7%
40.Portugal$160.5 million0.7%
41.Jordan$157.4 million0.7%
42.Vietnam$155.3 million0.7%
43.Peru$150.8 million0.7%
44.Singapore$150 million0.7%
45.Greece$149.9 million0.7%
46.Ghana$148.2 million0.7%
47.Mauritania$141.7 million0.6%
48.Iran$140.3 million0.6%
49.Bahrain$118 million0.5%
50.Kenya$117.9 million0.5%
51.Hungary$114.6 million0.5%
52.Bulgaria$112.4 million0.5%
53.Hong Kong$110.3 million0.5%
54.Angola$96.1 million0.4%
55.Austria$89.5 million0.4%
56.Ireland$85.9 million0.4%
57.Tanzania$84.9 million0.4%
58.Mexico$83.6 million0.4%
59.New Zealand$83.5 million0.4%
60.Croatia$82.5 million0.4%
61.Uganda$81.1 million0.4%
62.Turkey$76.6 million0.3%
63.Norway$76 million0.3%
64.Kuwait$71.5 million0.3%
65.Lebanon$69.5 million0.3%
66.Côte d'Ivoire$66.8 million0.3%
67.Belarus$66 million0.3%
68.Czech Republic$65.7 million0.3%
69.Congo$64.3 million0.3%
70.Poland$62.4 million0.3%
71.Haiti$61.7 million0.3%
72.Finland$60.1 million0.3%
73.Denmark$57.7 million0.3%
74.Switzerland$57 million0.3%
75.Oman$56 million0.2%
76.Dominican Republic$54.7 million0.2%
77.Namibia$54.6 million0.2%
78.Syrian Arab Republic$54.3 million0.2%
79.Uruguay$53.2 million0.2%
80.Australia$53.2 million0.2%
81.Slovenia$52.4 million0.2%
82.Gambia$51.8 million0.2%
83.Senegal$49.7 million0.2%
84.Georgia$49.3 million0.2%
85.Pakistan$48.3 million0.2%
86.Bosnia/Herzegovina$46.3 million0.2%
87.Niger$42.9 million0.2%
88.Guinea$42.8 million0.2%
89.Sweden$42.7 million0.2%
90.Madagascar$41.3 million0.2%
91.Laos$40 million0.2%
92.Burkina Faso$37 million0.2%
93.Botswana$36.7 million0.2%
94.Benin$36 million0.2%
95.Democratic Rep. Congo$35.8 million0.2%
96.Mozambique$34.7 million0.2%
97.Trinidad/Tobago$33.6 million0.1%
98.Armenia$33 million0.1%
99.Colombia$32.5 million0.1%
100.Mauritius$32.1 million0.1%
101.Qatar$32 million0.1%
102.Macedonia$30.2 million0.1%
103.Jamaica$27.7 million0.1%
104.Djibouti$27.7 million0.1%
105.Zimbabwe$27 million0.1%
106.Slovakia$25.8 million0.1%
107.Ecuador$25 million0.1%
108.Libya$24.5 million0.1%
109.Rwanda$23.4 million0.1%
110.Cameroon$22.9 million0.1%
111.Latvia$21.5 million0.1%
112.Togo$21.5 million0.1%
113.Ukraine$19.9 million0.1%
114.Philippines$19.4 million0.1%
115.Albania$16.4 million0.1%
116.Afghanistan$16.2 million0.1%
117.Malta$16 million0.1%
118.Estonia$14.5 million0.1%
119.Sierra Leone$14.4 million0.1%
120.Timor-Leste$14.2 million0.1%
121.Lithuania$14.1 million0.1%
122.Azerbaijan$12.5 million0.1%
123.Suriname$11.3 million0.1%
124.Cyprus$10.1 million0.04%
125.Nepal$9.7 million0.04%
126.Lesotho$9.2 million0.04%
127.Barbados$7.7 million0.03%
128.Maldives$7.6 million0.03%
129.Liberia$7.3 million0.03%
130.Eritrea$7.1 million0.03%
131.Papua New Guinea$7 million0.03%
132.Burundi$6.8 million0.03%
133.Bahamas$6.7 million0.03%
134.Guyana$6.4 million0.03%
135.Montenegro$6.3 million0.03%
136.Kyrgyzstan$6.2 million0.03%
137.Iceland$5.9 million0.03%
138.New Caledonia$5.3 million0.02%
139.Luxembourg$5.1 million0.02%
140.Cabo Verde$5 million0.02%
141.French Polynesia$4.9 million0.02%
142.Brunei Darussalam$4.8 million0.02%
143.Fiji$4.6 million0.02%
144.Macao$4.5 million0.02%
145.Tajikistan$4.3 million0.02%
146.Solomon Islands$4.3 million0.02%
147.Central African Republic$3.9 million0.02%
148.Moldova$3.7 million0.02%
149.Saint Lucia$3.6 million0.02%
150.Comoros$3.6 million0.02%
151.Samoa$3.1 million0.01%
152.Equatorial Guinea$3 million0.01%
153.Aruba$2.7 million0.01%
154.St Vincent/Grenadines$2.5 million0.01%
155.Gabon$2.3 million0.01%
156.Costa Rica$2.1 million0.01%
157.North Korea$1.9 million0.01%
158.US Minor Outlying Is$1.9 million0.01%
159.Netherlands Antilles$1.9 million0.01%
160.Grenada$1.8 million0.01%
161.Brazil$1.7 million0.01%
162.Mongolia$1.7 million0.01%
163.Dominica$1.5 million0.01%
164.Bolivia$1.5 million0.01%
165.Kiribati$1.3 million0.01%
166.Sao Tome/Principe$1.2 million0.01%
167.Uzbekistan$1.2 million0.01%
168.Vanuatu$1.2 million0.01%
169.Palestine$1.1 million0.005%
170.Andorra$1.1 million0.005%
171.Greenland$1.1 million0.005%
172.Antigua/Barbuda$1.1 million0.005%
179.Saint Kitts/Nevis$741,0000.003%
181.Faroe Islands$633,0000.003%
186.British Virgin Is$390,0000.002%
191.Cayman Islands$319,0000.001%
192.Cook Islands$287,0000.001%
193.Turks/Caicos Is$247,0000.001%
196.Marshall Islands$211,0000.001%
201.Northern Mariana Is$144,0000.001%
205.El Salvador$74,0000.0003%
206.Saint Helena$67,0000.0003%
211.St. Pierre/Miquelon$42,0000.0002%
212.Norfolk Island$33,0000.0001%
213.Falkland Is (Malvinas)$20,0000.0001%
215.Wallis and Futuna Is$11,0000.00005%

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