Sweden’s Fastest-Growing Import Partners

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After analyzing 2014 data for 100 countries responsible for consuming the greatest dollar value in imports from Sweden, we found 6 nations that boosted their Swedish imports by double-digits from 2010 to 2014.

Overall, exports originating from Sweden were up 3.7% from 2010 but were down 1.9% since 2013.

Sweden’s Fastest-Growing Import Partners

Listed below in descending order below are the fastest-growing import countries for Sweden’s exported products. These nations boosted imports from Sweden by the greatest percentages over the five-year period ending in 2014.

  1. Togo: US$120,744,000 (up 1,350% since 2010)
  2. Bolivia: $133,648,000 (up 346.6%)
  3. Malta: $141,735,000 (up 221.4%)
  4. Iraq: $328,210,000 (up 186.6%)
  5. Bahrain: $72,733,000 (up 128.3%)
  6. United Arab Emirates: $1,027,409,000 (up 107%)
  7. Qatar: $327,909,000 (up 92.8%)
  8. Zambia: $68,734,000 (up 82.5%)
  9. Ecuador: $42,337,000 (up 74.2%)
  10. Uruguay: $46,704,000 (up 63%)

Processed petroleum oils and machinery represent the fastest-growing Swedish exports delivered to Togo.

From Swedish to Malta, shipments of electronic equipment accelerated at the quickest pace.

The top-improving export from Sweden to Malta were processed petroleum oils while Swedish-made automobiles led exports sales increases to Iraq.

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