Top European Export Countries

Bridge in Dresden, Germany

Bridge in Dresden, Germany

Exports from Europe were worth US$7.11 trillion in 2014, up 20.4% since 2010 but only up 0.9% from 2013. European exports represent an estimated 38.1% of total world exports.

Based on statistics from the International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook Database, the aggregate Gross Domestic Product for all European countries amounted to roughly $23.2 trillion in 2014.

Therefore, exports accounted for about 31% of Europe’s total economic output.

Given Europe’s population of about 851.6 million people, the total $7.1 trillion in 2014 European exports translates to approximately $8,400 for every person on the continent.

Germany is by far Europe’s dominant player in international trade.

Top European Export Countries

Below are the top European export countries that attained the highest dollar value in global shipments during 2014. Also shown is each country’s overall share of European exports.

 Exporters2014 Exports% European Total
1.GermanyUS$1.511 trillion17%
2. Netherlands$574.5 billion16.4%
3. France$566.7 billion11.5%
4. Italy$528.4 billion11.5%
5. United Kingdom$511.1 billion4.9%
6. Russia$492.1 billion4.3%
7. Belgium$472.2 billion3.6%
8. Spain$318.6 billion3%
9. Switzerland$311.1 billion2.4%
10. Poland$214.5 billion2.3%
11. Czech Republic$173.7 billion2.1%
12. Austria$169.7 billion1.8%
13. Sweden$164.3 billion1.6%
14. Norway$142.8 billion1.4%
15. Ireland$118.3 billion1.4%
16. Hungary$112.4 billion1.2%
17. Denmark$109.8 billion1.2%
18. Slovakia$85.9 billion1.1%
19. Finland$74.2 billion1%
20. Romania$69.9 billion1%
21. Portugal$64 billion0.9%
22. Ukraine$53.9 billion0.9%
23. Belarus$36.1 billion0.7%
24. Greece$35.8 billion0.6%
25. Lithuania$32.4 billion0.5%
26. Slovenia$30.5 billion0.5%
27. Bulgaria$29.4 billion0.5%
28. Estonia$17.6 billion0.5%
29. Serbia$14.8 billion0.4%
30. Luxembourg$14.7 billion0.4%
31. Croatia$13.8 billion0.4%
32. Latvia$13.6 billion0.4%
33. Bosnia/Herzegovina$5.9 billion0.4%
34. Iceland$5.1 billion0.4%
35. Malta$5 billion0.3%
36. Macedonia$4.9 billion0.2%
37. Albania$2.4 billion0.2%
38. Moldova$2.3 billion0.2%
39. Cyprus$1.9 billion0.2%
40. Faroe Islands$1.3 billion0.1%
41. Gibraltar$1 billion0.1%
42. Montenegro$440.7 million0.1%
43. Andorra$94.8 million0.1%

The top 10 exporters represent 77.4% of the total value of European shipments in 2014. Among these leading exporters, the fastest-growers were Switzerland with its 59.1% gain since 2010 followed by Poland (up 36.6%) and Spain (up 29.4%).

While the value of Ireland’s exports in 2014 were virtually the same as in 2010, not one of the other 42 European countries posted a decline in overall shipment value over the 5-year period.

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