Crude Oil Imports by Country

Global purchases of imported crude oil totaled US$873.4 billion in 2017. Overall, the dollar value of crude oil imports for all importing countries was down by an average -47.1% since 2013 when crude oil purchases were valued at $1.652 trillion. Year over year, imported crude oil increased in value by 28% from $682.5 billion for […]

US Uranium Imports by Supplying Country

As political tensions flare between the United States and Russia, the vital supply line of enriched uranium exported from Russia to America is put at serious risk. A shutdown of Russia’s enriched uranium exports can lead to much higher uranium prices due to a stark imbalance between America’s enriched uranium supply and demand. During 2016, […]

Largest Oil and Gas Export Companies

Total oil and gas exports totaled US$1.363 trillion in 2016, down by -56.4% from $3.126 trillion during 2012. Those totals include crude and refined oils, petroleum gases and petroleum residues. Oil and gas products represent 8.6% of overall 2016 global exports which totaled $15.913 trillion for all products. Almost half (48.1%) of exported oil and […]

Top Charcoal Exporters by Country

Charcoal exports by country totaled US$985.9 million in 2016, up by 32.6% for all charcoal shippers over the five-year period starting in 2012. Year over year, the value of exported charcoal dipped -1.4% from 2015 to 2016. Light gray in color, charcoal results from the slow heating of wood or other combustible substances in an […]