Major Export Companies: Oil and Gas Operations

Global oil and gas exports totaled US$1.815 trillion in 2017, making them the world’s second-most valuable exported product group behind cars. That dollar amount reflects a -41.6% decline from $3.109 trillion during 2013, but a 33.5% uptick from 2016 to 2017. Oil and gas products represent 10.3% of overall 2017 global exported products which totaled […]

Crude Oil Imports by Country

Global purchases of imported crude oil totaled US$1.182 trillion in 2018 reflecting robust demand from 129 countries. Overall, the dollar value of crude oil imports for all importing countries fell by -22.9% since 2014 when crude oil purchases were valued at $1.532 trillion. Year over year, imported crude oil expanded in value by 31.7% from […]

US Crude Oil Imports by Supplier Countries

During 2018, the United States of America imported US$163.1 billion worth of crude oil from a total 44 countries. The global cost for all US imported crude oil purchases fell -35.6% since 2014 but increased 17% from 2017 to 2018. Among top trade partners, Canada furnished about two-fifths (39.5%) of America’s imported crude oil while […]

US Uranium Imports by Supplying Country

In 2018, America purchased a total US$2.1 billion worth of enriched and natural uranium from 14 trade partners around the globe. That dollar amount reflects an -18.2% reduction from the $2.6 billion that the US spent on imported uranium 5 years earlier in 2014, but a 4.1% year-over-year gain from 2017 to 2018. Uranium is […]

US Crude Oil Exports & Imports by State

Based on United States Census Bureau’s foreign trade statistics, the 7 leading American states in terms of unprocessed petroleum shipments exported US$22.4 billion worth of crude oil in 2017. That dollar amount contrasts starkly with the $132.8 billion in crude oil purchases from international sources by America’s top 22 import states resulting in a -$110.5 […]