United States Top 10 Major Export Companies

Three computer industry titans, two mammoth petroleum conglomerates and two gigantic automotive brands dominate the list of United States top 10 major export companies. Our rankings were determined based on company asset value as of May 2016. Also placing on the list were global businesses that produce pharmaceuticals, medical supplies as well as household supplies […]

Major Export Companies: Alcoholic Beverages

Total exports for alcoholic beverages in 2015 totaled US$81.5 billion, down by -3.9% from $84.8 billion during 2011. Representing almost four-fifths (39%) of global alcohol shipments, the value of wine shipments fell by -3.3%. The second-largest alcohol category at 34.3%, liquor depreciated by -0.7%. However, not all types of exported alcoholic beverages dropped in value […]

Largest Oil and Gas Export Companies

Total oil and gas exports in 2015 totaled US$2.956 trillion, down by -42.2% from $1.708 trillion during 2011. Those totals include crude and refined oils, petroleum gases and petroleum residues. Oil and gas products represent 18.1% of all 2015 global exports. Almost half (46%) of exported oil and gas was crude oil, compared to 35.4% […]

Do UK Automobile Sales Depend on the EU?

In 2015, companies with operations in the United Kingdom sold US$38.9 billion worth of exported cars to customers around the globe. That amount represents a dramatic 109.7% improvement from the $18.6 billion in UK international car sales in 2009 when full effects from Great Recession first kicked in. Membership in the European Union did play […]

United Kingdom’s Top 10 Major Export Companies

Britain’s 10 largest export companies represent a diverse range of five different industries: oil and gas, diversified metals, pharmaceuticals, tobacco and alcoholic beverages. Overall, the value of exports from the United Kingdom declined by -9.9% from US$517.3 billion in 2011 to $465.9 billion during 2015. In the analysis below, we compare the UK’s top 10 […]

Taiwan’s Top 10 Major Export Companies

Three of Taiwan’s 10 largest export companies operate in the general electronics sector while one targets the more specific semiconductor industry. Three Taiwanese chemical industry players also rank among the Asian country’s top 10 exporters. To give some contextual perspective on recent company performance, the overall value of Taiwanese exports declined by -9.4% from US$309.1 […]

Mexico’s Top 10 Major Export Companies

Three of Mexico’s 10 largest export companies manufacture beverages enjoyed by drinkers around the world. Two businesses that export diversified metals also appear on the list, as do two industrial conglomerates. Overall, the value of exports from the Mexico increased by 9% from US$349.3 billion in 2011 to $380.7 billion during 2015. In the analysis […]

Japan’s Top 10 Major Export Companies

Japan’s three largest export companies are automobile manufacturers. Four mammoth Japanese electronics conglomerates also rank among the island country’s top 10 exporters. First, some context to give perspective on recent company performance. The overall value of Japanese exports declined by a hefty -24.1% from US$823.2 billion in 2011 to $625 billion during 2015. In the […]