South Korea’s Top 10 Major Export Companies

Three of South Korea’s 10 largest export companies operate in the global automotive industry. Two Korean electronics industry players also rank among the Asian country’s top 10 exporters, as do a pair of Korean competitors from the oil and gas sector. To give some contextual perspective on recent company performance, the overall value of Korean […]

Major Export Companies: Alcoholic Beverages

Global exports for alcoholic beverages totaled US$90.3 billion in 2017, down by -0.4% from $90.7 billion during 2013. At 42.6% of the worldwide total, liquor is the largest alcoholic beverage export category. International liquor sales depreciated by -4.3% from 2016 to 2017. In contrast, exports of malt beer increased in value by 6.5% from $13.6 […]

Do UK Automobile Sales Depend on the EU?

Companies with operations in the United Kingdom sold US$42 billion worth of exported cars to customers around the globe. That dollar amount reflects a 9.8% improvement from the $38.2 billion in UK car exports in 2013 and a 2.9% gain from 2016 to 2017. European Union members bought a slightly declining amount of cars exported […]

Taiwan’s Top 10 Major Export Companies

Three of Taiwan’s 10 largest companies that export products operate in the general electronics sector while another megacorporation targets the more specific semiconductor industry. Another trio of Taiwanese chemical industry players also rank among the East Asian state’s largest exports-related companies. To give some global trade perspective on recent Taiwan-based company performance, the overall value […]

United States Top 10 Major Export Companies

Three computer hardware titans, two mammoth petroleum conglomerates, two medical industry players, plus two well-established automotive brands dominate the list of America’s leading export companies. America’s leading international product suppliers were vetted based on company asset value as of December 2018. To give some international sales perspective, the United States exported US$1.546 trillion worth of […]

United Kingdom’s Top 10 Major Export Companies

Britain’s 10 largest export companies represent a diverse range of distinct industries: tobacco, diversified metals and mining, energy, pharmaceuticals, chemicals as well as the aerospace and defense sector. From an international trade perspective, the overall value of all export products from the United Kingdom declined by -19.3% from US$548 billion in 2013 to $442.1 billion […]

India’s Top 10 Major Export Companies

Four of India’s 10 largest export companies specialize in petroleum-related sectors. Two huge Indian automobile manufacturers also rank among the country’s top 10 product exporters. To give some international perspective on large Indian company performance, the overall value of India’s exports declined by -10.1% from US$289.6 billion in 2013 to $260.3 billion during 2017. From […]

Automotive Parts Exports by Country

Global sales from auto parts exports by country totaled US$385.4 billion in 2017. Overall, the value of auto parts exports rose by an average 5.8% for all exporting countries since 2013 when auto parts shipments were valued at $364.4 billion. The value of global automotive parts exports accelerated by 6.6% from 2016 to 2017. Among […]