California’s Top 10 Imports

Located along the United States’ west coast and home to movie-star mecca Hollywood, America’s most populous state California imported US$440.6 billion worth of products from international suppliers in 2017. That dollar amount represents a 9.1% increase since 2014 and a 7.4% year-over-year uptick from 2016 to 2017. California is America’s biggest importing state well ahead […]

Highest Value Bangladeshi Export Products

Men’s and women’s clothing dominate the 20 highest value Bangladeshi export products in 2017. The most valuable Bangladeshi exports also include footwear and infant clothing. Linens and special fabric clothing are other areas where Bangladesh has demonstrated competitive strengths in international trade. The following list shows on which product categories Bangladeshi exporters generated the most […]

UK Major Trade Balances with America

The United States of America is the United Kingdom’s second-biggest trade partner trailing only the European Union. UK’s exports to the US totaled US$58.4 billion in 2017, down by -7% over the five-year period starting in 2013. The UK’s imports from America amounted to $60.8 billion, up by 11.6% over the same duration. More concerning […]

Highest Value Spanish Import Products

Crude oil, cars, auto parts or accessories, medication mixes in dosage, petroleum gases and refined oils were among the 20 highest value Spanish import products in 2017. The most valuable Spanish imports also include smartphones, diesel engines, aircraft and trucks. Unknit and non-crocheted women’s clothing is a product area where Spain’s domestic supply lags demand, […]

Highest Value Filipino Import Products

Electronic integrated circuits, computer components, cars and trucks were among the 20 highest value Filipino import products in 2017. The most valuable Filipino imports also include refined petroleum and crude oil. Other examples of commodities where Philippines’s domestic supply lags Filipino demand are medication mixes in dosage and motorcycles. The following list shows on which […]

20 Most Valuable Austrian Export Products

Mobile phones top the ranking of the 20 most valuable Austrian export products in 2017, followed by drugs and medicines, automotive parts or accessories and cars. Blood fractions, non-alcoholic beverages then diesel and piston engines also appear among the 20 highest value product categories. The following list shows which Austrian exports attracted the most sales […]

20 Most Valuable Ecuadorian Export Products

Ecuador is an agricultural economy that has yet to leverage its rich resources into an international trade success story. The overall value of Ecuadorian exports fell by -23.4% from $25 billion in 2013 to $19.1 billion during 2017. Crude oil, seafood and bananas place among Ecuador’s highest value exports. Gold, lumber and frozen vegetables were […]

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