Highest Value Canadian Export Products

Highest Value Canadian Export Products

Canadian wheat

The list of 20 highest value Canadian export products highlights a resource economy heavily dependent on global sales of energy-related goods, lumber, wheat, metals and chemicals.

The overall leader among Canada’s exports from the manufacturing sector is cars. Automobile parts or accessories as well as aircraft products also rank among bestselling Canadian products on international markets.

The following list shows which Canadian exports generated the most sales dollars during 2017. Unlike most information currently available on the web, the items below are detailed at the 4-digit tariff code level. This level of detail helps entrepreneurs identify which products in which Canada enjoy strong competitive advantages over other trading nations.

Highest Value Canadian Export Products

Below are the 20 highest value export products shipped from Canada in 2017. Shown within brackets is the change in value for each item year over year.

  1. Crude oil: US$54 billion (up 36.5% since 2016)
  2. Cars: $46.4 billion (down -5%)
  3. Gold (unwrought): $13.2 billion (up 6%)
  4. Processed petroleum oils: $11.3 billion (up 39.1%)
  5. Automobile parts/accessories: $10.5 billion (down -1%)
  6. Petroleum gases: $10.3 billion (up 31.8%)
  7. Sawn wood: $8.3 billion (up 6.9%)
  8. Aluminum (unwrought): $6.3 billion (up 25.5%)
  9. Turbo-jets: $5.9 billion (up 13.3%)
  10. Aircraft, spacecraft: $5.8 billion (down -6.1%)
  11. Coal, solid fuels made from coal: $5.1 billion (up 53.6%)
  12. Medication mixes in dosage: $5.1 billion (down -30.1%)
  13. Wheat: $5.1 billion (up 12.5%)
  14. Rape/colza seeds: $5 billion (up 17.9%)
  15. Chemical woodpulp (non-dissolving): $4.4 billion (up 9.2%)
  16. Ethylene polymers: $4 billion (down -4.2%)
  17. Potassic fertilizers: $3.9 billion (up 10.5%)
  18. Iron ores, concentrates: $3.5 billion (up 21.5%)
  19. Aircraft parts: $3.1 billion (down -5.6%)
  20. Miscellaneous furniture: $2.8 billion (up 2.1%)

Among these 20 product categories, coal including solid fuels made from coal posted the greatest increase in export sales via a 53.6% uptick year over year.

In second place were Canada’s exported processed petroleum oils (up 39.1%) followed by crude oil (up 36.5%) and petroleum gases (up 31.8%).

Declines ranged from -30.1% for medication mixes in dosage to -1% for automotive parts or accessories.

On average, overall Canadian exports improved in value by 8.1% from 2016 to 2017.

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