Tobacco Cigarettes Exports by Country

Rolled cigarettes

Rolled cigarettes

Global sales from tobacco cigarettes exports by country totaled US$25.2 billion in 2017.

Overall, the value of exported tobacco cigarettes rose by an average 5.3% for all exporting countries since 2013 when worldwide shipments of cigarettes were valued at $23.9 billion. Year over year, the value of globally exported cigarettes appreciated by 18% from 2016 to 2017.

Among continents, European countries earned the most from tobacco cigarettes exports during 2017 with shipments amounting to $11.9 billion or 47.4% of worldwide exported cigarettes. Asia supplied 44.6% of the global total, followed by North American cigarette shippers at 4.7%.

Africa provided 1.8% worth of cigarettes. Latin America (excluding Mexico) plus the Caribbean lagged behind at 1.1%, while Oceania (mainly New Zealand and Australia) came in at 0.4%.

The 6-digit Harmonized Tariff System code prefix is 240220 for cigarettes containing tobacco.

Tobacco Cigarettes Exports by Country


Below are the 15 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of tobacco cigarettes during 2017.

  1. United Arab Emirates: US$4.7 billion (18.6% of exported cigarettes)
  2. Germany: $3.1 billion (12.2%)
  3. Poland: $2.9 billion (11.5%)
  4. South Korea: $1.1 billion (4.5%)
  5. Singapore: $1 billion (4.2%)
  6. Hong Kong: $1 billion (4%)
  7. United States: $900.3 million (3.6%)
  8. Czech Republic: $881.4 million (3.5%)
  9. Netherlands: $839 million (3.3%)
  10. Indonesia: $828 million (3.3%)
  11. Romania: $743.9 million (3%)
  12. China: $575.8 million (2.3%)
  13. Portugal: $554.8 million (2.2%)
  14. Lithuania: $539.7 million (2.1%)
  15. Switzerland: $487.2 million (1.9%)

By value, the listed 15 countries shipped four-fifths (80.2%) of exported cigarettes sold in 2017.

Among the above countries, the fastest-growing tobacco cigarettes exporters since 2013 were: South Korea (up 114.4%), Czech Republic (up 96.4%), United States (up 82.4%), United Arab Emirates (up 81.5%) and Poland (up 58.1%).

Three of the top suppliers posted declines in their exported cigarettes sales: Netherlands (down -73%), Germany (down -14.6%) and Switzerland (down -13.2%).


The following countries posted the highest positive net exports for tobacco cigarettes during 2017. Investopedia defines net exports as the value of a country’s total exports minus the value of its total imports. Thus, the statistics below present the surplus between the value of each country’s tobacco cigarettes exports and its import purchases for that same commodity.

  1. United Arab Emirates: US$3 billion (net export surplus up 95.6% since 2013)
  2. Poland: $2.8 billion (up 57.7%)
  3. Germany: $2.3 billion (down -18.9%)
  4. South Korea: $1.1 billion (up 111.2%)
  5. Indonesia: $797.2 million (up 23%)
  6. Romania: $639.8 million (up 13.8%)
  7. Czech Republic: $517.9 million (up 121.8%)
  8. Turkey: $479.2 million (up 28.4%)
  9. United States: $474.2 million (up 518%)
  10. Switzerland: $461.3 million (down -13.9%)
  11. Lithuania: $459.5 million (up 51.3%)
  12. Portugal: $445.3 million (up 16.8%)
  13. Hong Kong: $292.4 million (down -11.1%)
  14. Singapore: $261.2 million (up 65.7%)
  15. Ukraine: $247.7 million (up 64.4%)

The United Arab Emirates had the highest surplus in the international trade of tobacco cigarettes in 2017, eclipsing Poland and Germany as the most profitable cigarettes exporter one year earlier in 2016. In turn, this positive cashflow confirms all three countries’ strong competitive advantage for this specific product category.


The following countries posted the highest negative net exports for tobacco cigarettes during 2017. Investopedia defines net exports as the value of a country’s total exports minus the value of its total imports. Thus, the statistics below present the deficit between the value of each country’s tobacco cigarettes import purchases and its exports for that same commodity.

  1. Japan: -US$2.5 billion (net export deficit down -35.4% since 2013)
  2. Italy: -$2 billion (down -20.6%)
  3. Iraq: -$1.7 billion (no 2013 data)
  4. Spain: -$1.3 billion (up 24.4%)
  5. France: -$1.2 billion (down -11.3%)
  6. Vietnam: -$886.5 million (reversing a $274.8 million surplus)
  7. Saudi Arabia: -$746.7 million (down -22%)
  8. Australia: -$564.6 million (up 144%)
  9. Afghanistan: -$447.6 million (up 967.9%)
  10. Syrian Arab Republic: -$357.9 million (up 256.9%)
  11. Cambodia: -$334.2 million (up 95.9%)
  12. Belgium: -$328.3 million (down -3.5%)
  13. Libya: -$318.7 million (up 9.8%)
  14. United Kingdom: -$257.2 million (up 149.8%)
  15. Israel: -$205.7 million (up 2.4%)

Japan incurred the highest deficit in the international trade of tobacco cigarettes. In turn, this negative cashflow highlights Japan’s strong competitive disadvantage for this specific product category but also signals opportunities for tobacco cigarettes-supplying countries that help satisfy the powerful demand from Japanese consumers.


Tobacco Cigarettes Exporting Companies

Based on the Forbes Global 2000 rankings, the following tobacco companies are among the top largest companies in the world:

  • Philip Morris International (United States)
  • British American Tobacco (United Kingdom)
  • Japan Tobacco (Japan)
  • Altria Group (United States)
  • Imperial Tobacco Group (United Kingdom)
  • Reynolds American (United States)
  • ITC (India)
  • Lorillard (United States)
  • KT&G (South Korea)
  • Gudang Garam (Indonesia)

The above corporations are presented in the same order as they appear in the Forbes listing. Shown within parentheses is the country where each conglomerate has its headquarters.

According to global trade intelligence firm Zepol, the following are also international suppliers of tobacco cigarettes:

  • Bommidala Enterprises (India)
  • Cia Sulamericana De Tabacos (Brazil)
  • Gunvor International (Netherlands)
  • Joh Wilh Von Eicken (Germany)
  • Majestica Enterprises (Hong Kong)
  • Scandinavian Tobacco (Poland)
  • Tabacalera Hondurena (Honduras)

Searchable List of Tobacco Cigarettes Exporting Countries

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RankExporter2017 Cigarettes Exports%Total
1.United Arab Emirates$4.7 billion18.6%
2.Germany$3.1 billion12.2%
3.Poland$2.9 billion11.5%
4.South Korea$1.1 billion4.5%
5.Singapore$1 billion4.2%
6.Hong Kong$1 billion4%
7.United States$900.3 million3.6%
8.Czech Republic$881.4 million3.5%
9.Netherlands$839 million3.3%
10.Indonesia$828 million3.3%
11.Romania$743.9 million3%
12.China$575.8 million2.3%
13.Portugal$554.8 million2.2%
14.Lithuania$539.7 million2.1%
15.Switzerland$487.2 million1.9%
16.Turkey$479.3 million1.9%
17.Russia$374.4 million1.5%
18.Greece$301.9 million1.2%
19.Ukraine$293.4 million1.2%
20.Armenia$237.3 million0.9%
21.Serbia$235.2 million0.9%
22.Oman$222.2 million0.9%
23.Mexico$173 million0.7%
24.Bulgaria$146.9 million0.6%
25.South Africa$140.7 million0.6%
26.Vietnam$136 million0.5%
27.Malaysia$135 million0.5%
28.Philippines$132.3 million0.5%
29.Japan$118.1 million0.5%
30.Hungary$107 million0.4%
31.Canada$106.9 million0.4%
32.Nigeria$102.4 million0.4%
33.Taiwan$102.1 million0.4%
34.Chile$95.3 million0.4%
35.Kazakhstan$91 million0.4%
36.Luxembourg$89.4 million0.4%
37.Spain$83.2 million0.3%
38.India$81.6 million0.3%
39.Belgium$74.5 million0.3%
40.Croatia$73.8 million0.3%
41.Kenya$70.9 million0.3%
42.Thailand$61.5 million0.2%
43.Macao$48.4 million0.2%
44.Senegal$48.2 million0.2%
45.Australia$47 million0.2%
46.New Zealand$46.1 million0.2%
47.Georgia$41.8 million0.2%
48.Tunisia$35.7 million0.1%
49.Latvia$35.2 million0.1%
50.Trinidad/Tobago$30.1 million0.1%
51.Honduras$29.1 million0.1%
52.Uruguay$22 million0.1%
53.Kyrgyzstan$22.1 million0.1%
54.France$21.8 million0.1%
55.Myanmar (Burma)$19 million0.1%
56.Paraguay$17.5 million0.1%
57.Macedonia$16.8 million0.1%
58.Moldova$15.9 million0.1%
59.Argentina$14.2 million0.1%
60.Côte d'Ivoire$14.1 million0.1%
61.Brazil$13.4 million0.1%
62.Aruba$12.7 million0.1%
63.Tanzania$11.9 million0.05%
64.Costa Rica$11 million0.05%
65.Belize$9.8 million0.04%
66.Fiji$9.6 million0.04%
67.Denmark$9.4 million0.04%
68.Cambodia$9.4 million0.04%
69.Colombia$8 million0.03%
70.Sweden$7.9 million0.03%
71.Bosnia/Herzegovina$7.2 million0.03%
72.Uganda$6.4 million0.03%
73.Dominican Republic$6.3 million0.03%
74.Burundi$6.2 million0.02%
75.Mauritius$5.3 million0.02%
76.Laos$4.8 million0.02%
77.United Kingdom$4.6 million0.02%
78.Cuba$4.3 million0.02%
79.Italy$4.1 million0.02%
80.Estonia$3.8 million0.02%
81.Saint Lucia$3.6 million0.01%
82.Sri Lanka$2.9 million0.01%
83.Panama$2.9 million0.01%
84.Ghana$2.8 million0.01%
85.Namibia$2.5 million0.01%
86.Morocco$2.4 million0.01%
87.Niger$2.3 million0.01%
88.Congo$2.2 million0.01%
89.Lebanon$1.9 million0.01%
90.Barbados$1.7 million0.01%
91.Cameroon$1.6 million0.01%
92.Cyprus$1.5 million0.01%
93.Finland$1.3 million0.01%
94.Iraq$1.1 million0.004%
95.Suriname$1.1 million0.004%
96.Azerbaijan$1 million0.004%
106.North Korea$467,0000.002%
108.Syrian Arab Republic$449,0000.002%
116.Christmas Island$298,0000.001%
121.USs Minor Outlying Is$154,0000.001%
123.St Maarten (Dutch)$113,0000.0004%
131.St Vincent/Grenadines$29,0000.0001%
133.Norfolk Island$24,0000.0001%
140.El Salvador$13,0000.0001%

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