Top Asian Export Countries

Asian currency

Asian currency

Exports from Asia totaled about US$5.858 trillion in 2016, down -3.9% since 2012 when Asian shipments were valued at $6.094 trillion. Asian exports represent more than a third (36.9%) of total world exports.

Calculated using statistics from the International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook Database, the total Gross Domestic Product for selected Asian countries on a Purchase Power Parity basis amounted to roughly $51.225 trillion in 2016. Therefore, exports account for an estimated 11.4% of Asia’s total economic output.

Given Asia’s population of approximately 4.1 billion people, the total $5.858 trillion in 2016 Asian exports translates to roughly $1,419 for every person living within that continent.

Top Asian Export Countries

Below are the top Asian export countries that attained the highest dollar value in global shipments during 2016. Also shown is each country’s overall share of Asia’s global exports plus the percentage value change from 2012.

RankExporter2016 Exports% Asian TotalSince 2012
1.China$2.119 trillion36.2%+3.4%
2.Japan$644.9 billion0.11-19.2%
3.Hong Kong$516.6 billion8.8%+4.8%
4.South Korea$495.5 billion8.5%-9.6%
5.Singapore$329.9 billion5.6%-19.2%
6.Taiwan$280.5 billion4.8%-6.8%
7.India$260.3 billion4.4%-10.1%
8.Thailand$213.6 billion3.6%-6.9%
9.Vietnam$211.4 billion3.6%+84.6%
10.Malaysia$189.4 billion3.2%-16.7%
11.Indonesia$144.5 billion2.5%-24%
12.Turkey$142.6 billion2.4%-6.5%
13.Philippines$56.3 billion1%+8.3%
14.Bangladesh$38.7 billion0.7%+57.8%
15.Kazakhstan$36.8 billion0.6%-60.1%
16.Pakistan$19.2 billion0.3%-22.1%
17.Cambodia$16.9 billion0.3%+191.5%
18.Azerbaijan$12.6 billion0.2%-46.9%
19.Myanmar (Burma)$11.6 billion0.2%+33.6%
20.Sri Lanka$10.5 billion0.2%+12.6%
21.Turkmenistan$7.4 billion0.1%-34.0%
22.Uzbekistan$7 billion0.1%+8.6%
23.Brunei Darussalam$4.7 billion0.1%-63.8%
24.Mongolia$4.6 billion0.1%+5.1%
25.Laos$4.1 billion0.1%+25.4%
26.North Korea$2.9 billion0.05%-8.9%
27.Georgia$2.1 billion0.04%-11.1%
28.Armenia$1.8 billion0.03%+24.3%
29.Kyrgyzstan$1.4 billion0.02%-15.5%
30.Nepal$708.9 million0.01%-18.6%
31.Tajikistan$672.8 million0.01%-51.9%
32.Macao$648.5 million0.01%-36.5%
33.Afghanistan$421.1 million0.01%+4.8%
34.Bhutan$140.5 million0.002%-73.6%
35.Maldives$139.6 million0.002%-13.6%
36.Timor-Leste$63.6 million0.001%-63.6%

Among Asian exporters, 13 grew the value of their exports in the 5-year period ending in 2016 led by: Cambodia (up 191.5%), Vietnam (up 84.6%), Bangladesh (up 57.8%), Myanmar (up 33.6%), Laos (up 25.4%) and Armenia (up 24.3%).

Bhutan led the decliners with a -73.6% drop, followed by Brunei Darussalam (down -63.8%), Timor-Leste (down -63.6%), Kazakhstan (down -60.1%) and Tajikistan (down -51.9%).

Year over year, exports from all Asian countries decreased by an average -1.5% from 2015 to 2016.

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