US Aluminum Imports by Supplying Country

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Patterned aluminum sheet

In 2018, the United States of America imported US$24.3 billion worth of aluminum (British spelling aluminium) from a total 134 countries, territories or islands. That dollar amount reflects a 41.7% increase since 2014 and a 3.7% gain from 2017 to 2018.

Aluminum is the world’s most used metal excluding iron. Typically blended into an alloy, aluminum is most commonly combined with zinc, copper, silicon, magnesium and manganese. Pure aluminum is silvery-white, non-magnetic and is also notable for its low density, relatively light weight and resistance to corrosion.

US import data presented below is at the two-digit Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) code level, specifically 76 for aluminum including articles made with aluminum.

Of the $24.3 billion in total American imports under HTS code 76 during 2018, 42.6% is unwrought aluminum metal, 16.3% is aluminum plates and sheets, 7.8% is miscellaneous aluminum, 6.7% is for aluminum structures such as towers or bridges, 5.8% is aluminum foil, 4.9% is aluminum tableware, kitchenware or other household items, 4.9% is aluminum bars and rods, 4.6% is aluminum scrap, 3% is aluminum wire, 1.1% is aluminum cans, boxes and similar containers, while 0.7% is aluminum tubes and pipes.

Countries Exporting Aluminum to America

Top 15

Below are the 15 countries from which the United States purchases the highest dollar value worth of aluminum. These suppliers accounted for 81.9% of all US aluminum imports during 2018.

  1. Canada: US$8.2 billion (34% of total US imported aluminum)
  2. China: $3 billion (12.5%)
  3. United Arab Emirates: $1.6 billion (6.6%)
  4. Mexico: $1.2 billion (5.1%)
  5. Russia: $954.3 million (3.9%)
  6. India: $714.5 million (2.9%)
  7. Bahrain: $687.4 million (2.8%)
  8. Germany: $687 million (2.8%)
  9. South Africa: $492.9 million (2%)
  10. Argentina: $462 million (1.9%)
  11. Japan: $416 million (1.7%)
  12. Australia: $374.2 million (1.5%)
  13. Indonesia: $335.4 million (1.4%)
  14. South Korea: $333.6 million (1.4%)
  15. Taiwan: $323.1 million (1.3%)

By value, the top 6 suppliers represent almost two-thirds (65%) of all US aluminum imports.


The following list is sorted in ascending order presenting the top 15 suppliers based on the greatest percentage increases in the value of aluminum shipments to America from 2014 to 2018.

  1. India: Up 322.5% from 2014
  2. Australia: Up 262.1%
  3. Bahrain: Up 163.3%
  4. Argentina: Up 154.4%
  5. United Arab Emirates: Up 143.4%
  6. Taiwan: Up 141.5%
  7. Indonesia: Up 91.6%
  8. South Africa: Up 85.2%
  9. Japan: Up 65.6%
  10. South Korea: Up 52.4%
  11. Mexico: Up 46.4%
  12. Germany: Up 21.5%
  13. Russia: Up 15.3%
  14. China: Up 12.5%
  15. Canada: Up 11.6%

Given the overall 41.4% increase in US imports of aluminum during the 5-year period, the last four suppliers listed above (Germany, Russia, China and Canada) fell below the global average benchmark for expanding aluminum sales to the United States.

India continues to gain traction as the fastest-growing top aluminum supplier to the US.

Deficit Creators

America does produce and sell its own aluminum on international markets. In 2018, the United States shipped $12.6 billion worth of aluminum to its trade partners. However, American revenues from exported aluminum fall far short of the -$24.3 billion that the US spent on imported aluminum thus resulting in a -$11.7 billion product category deficit.

Below you will find the 15 countries that caused America’s highest deficits from buying and selling aluminum on international markets, incurring a subtotal deficit of -$13.6 billion for 2018.

  1. Canada: -US$5 billion (product deficit up 20.9% since 2014)
  2. China: -$2 billion (up 249.4%)
  3. United Arab Emirates: -$1.6 billion (up 164.5%)
  4. Russia: -$927.1 million (up 13%)
  5. Bahrain: -$682 million (up 162%)
  6. Germany: -$529.2 million (up 43%)
  7. South Africa: -$487 million (up 88.1%)
  8. Argentina: -$453.1 million (up 184.4%)
  9. India: -$356.7 million (up 1,065%)
  10. Australia: -$303.1 million (up 507.2%)
  11. Oman: -$290.7 million (up 2514.2%)
  12. Qatar: -$286.1 million (up 44.9%)
  13. Italy: -$242.2 million (up 186.8%)
  14. Thailand: -$231.4 million (up 9.5%)
  15. Indonesia: -$224.4 million (up 70.5%)

Among these top suppliers over the 5-year period, aluminum deficits at America’s expense expanded the fastest with Oman (up 2,514%), India (up 1,065%), Australia (up 507.2%), China (up 249.4%), Italy (up 186.8%) then Argentina (up 184.4%).


Searchable List of US Aluminum Suppliers

The table below shows the dollar amount for aluminum supplied to the US in 2018 by country. Also shown is the percentage value change for each supplier since 2017.

You can change presentation order by clicking the triangle icon at the top of the columns.

RankSupplierImported Aluminum (US$)2017-18
1.Canada$8.2 billion-3%
2.China$3 billion-14.5%
3.United Arab Emirates$1.6 billion+4.6%
4.Mexico$1.2 billion+21.3%
5.Russia$954.3 million-43.1%
6.India$714.5 million+47.7%
7.Bahrain$687.4 million+10.8%
8.Germany$687 million+22.2%
9.South Africa$492.9 million+39.2%
10.Argentina$462 million-19.1%
11.Japan$416 million+40.2%
12.Australia$374.2 million+55.7%
13.Indonesia$335.4 million+52.6%
14.South Korea$333.6 million+74.3%
15.Taiwan$323.1 million+38%
16.France$304 million+3.4%
17.Italy$303.4 million+25.6%
18.Qatar$293.3 million-4.6%
19.Thailand$292.8 million+10.4%
20.Oman$292 million+201.1%
21.Saudi Arabia$240.7 million+42.6%
22.Austria$231.5 million+26.8%
23.Brazil$229 million+34%
24.Colombia$221.2 million+38.9%
25.United Kingdom$209.7 million+58.5%
26.Turkey$184.7 million+141.9%
27.Viet Nam$155.3 million+26.6%
28.Greece$152.7 million+101.3%
29.Venezuela$110.5 million-48%
30.Spain$91.1 million-20.3%
31.Malaysia$88.2 million+62.4%
32.Sweden$73.4 million+44.6%
33.Netherlands$72.9 million+16.3%
34.Norway$68.5 million+633.1%
35.Belgium$57.2 million-12.7%
36.Switzerland$50.5 million+20.7%
37.Slovenia$49.2 million+220.6%
38.Hong Kong$40.9 million-1.7%
39.Egypt$40.7 million+2,430%
40.Poland$39.3 million+16.7%
41.Luxembourg$36.1 million+1,928%
42.Ecuador$32 million+56.5%
43.Dominican Republic$31.7 million+94.6%
44.Israel$30.8 million-9.2%
45Romania$30.5 million+111.8%
46Armenia$28.5 million-32.4%
47Czech Republic$24.9 million-7.1%
48New Zealand$24.6 million+91.2%
49Costa Rica$24.4 million-7.4%
50Guatemala$23.1 million+10.9%
51Denmark$21.5 million-8.3%
52Philippines$19.1 million+79.6%
53El Salvador$16.6 million+36.6%
54Chile$16.2 million+12.3%
55Singapore$11.8 million+63.7%
56Cambodia$11.6 million+303.4%
57Croatia$10.5 million+286.6%
58Panama$7.4 million-1.4%
59Ireland$7.4 million-5.8%
60Portugal$6.8 million+22.9%
61Finland$6.3 million+357.6%
62Slovakia$5.9 million+14.9%
63Nigeria$5.3 million+709.3%
64Bulgaria$5.2 million+77.9%
65Azerbaijan$5.1 million+3,264%
66Honduras$5 million-22.2%
67Tunisia$3.8 million+5.5%
68Iceland$2.8 million+44.5%
69.Myanmar (Burma)$2.6 million-12.7%
70.Bolivia$2.4 million-52.4%
71.Pakistan$2.3 million-62.6%
72.Hungary$2.3 million-16.7%
73.Paraguay$2.1 million-2.4%
74.Serbia$1.9 million+606.5%
75.Morocco$1.8 million-15.6%
76.Bosnia/Herzegovina$1.3 million-27.5%
77.Peru$1.2 million-11.5%
78.Belarus$1.2 million+46.8%
79.Albania$1.1 million-60%
80.Curaçao$1 million+44.2%
97.Cayman Islands$217,000-34%
98.Saint Kitts/Nevis$180,000-18.6%
102.Saint Lucia$126,000+350%
103.Guinea$111,000no 2017 data
107.Georgia$79,000no 2017 data
110.Sierra Leone$72,000+700%
111.Ghana$60,000no 2017 data
114.Turks/Caicos Islands$55,000no 2017 data
115.St Vincent/Grenadines$48,000-41.5%
119.British Virgin Islands$23,000no 2017 data
120.Mali$21,000no 2017 data
121.North Macedonia$18,000+5.9%
122.Grenada$16,000no 2017 data
125.Mongolia$14,000no 2017 data
126.Eswatini$12,000no 2017 data
127.Syrian Arab Republic$12,000-62.5%
129.Samoa$10,000no 2017 data
130.Dominica$8,000no 2017 data
131.Saint Helena$7,000no 2017 data
132.Cocos (Keeling) Is$6,000no 2017 data
133.Sao Tome/Principe$6,000no 2017 data
134.Kiribati$5,000no 2017 data
135.Montserrat$5,000no 2017 data
136.Sri Lanka$4,000-78.9%
137.Niue$3,000no 2017 data
138.Afghanistan$2,000no 2017 data
139.Andorra$2,000no 2017 data
140.Madagascar$2,000no 2017 data

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