US Aluminum Imports by Supplying Country

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Patterned aluminum sheet

In 2017, the United States of America imported US$23.4 billion worth of aluminum (British spelling aluminium) from a total 130 global trade partners. That dollar amount reflects a 49.3% increase since 2013 and an aggressive 24.9% uptick from 2016 to 2017.

Aluminum is the world’s most used metal excluding iron. Typically blended into an alloy, aluminum is most commonly combined with zinc, copper, silicon, magnesium and manganese. Pure aluminum is silvery-white, non-magnetic and is also notable for its low density, relatively light weight and resistance to corrosion.

US import data presented below is at the two-digit Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) code level, specifically 76 for aluminum and articles made with aluminum.

Of the $23.4 billion in total American imports under HTS code 76, 46.8% is unfinished aluminum, 14.7% is aluminum plates and sheets, 7.4% is miscellaneous aluminum, 6% is for aluminum structures such as towers or bridges, 5% is aluminum tableware, kitchenware or other household items, 4.9% is aluminum foil, 4.5% is aluminum bars and rods, 4.4% is aluminum scrap, 3.3% is aluminum wire while 0.9% is aluminum pipes and tubes. The remaining 2.2% is for other aluminum product subcategories including fittings, powder or flakes and specialized containers.

Countries Exporting Aluminum to America

Top 15

Below are the 15 countries from which the United States purchases the highest dollar value worth of aluminum. These suppliers accounted for 86.3% of all US aluminum imports during 2017.

  1. Canada: US$8.5 billion (36.3% of total aluminum exports)
  2. China: $3.5 billion (15.1%)
  3. Russia: $1.6 billion (7%)
  4. United Arab Emirates: $1.5 billion (6.5%)
  5. Mexico: $1 billion (4.3%)
  6. Bahrain: $621.1 million (2.7%)
  7. Argentina: $570.8 million (2.4%)
  8. Germany: $561.7 million (2.4%)
  9. India: $484.1 million (2.1%)
  10. South Africa: $354.1 million (1.5%)
  11. Qatar: $307.4 million (1.3%)
  12. Japan: $295.6 million (1.3%)
  13. France: $294.1 million (1.3%)
  14. Thailand: $265.3 million (1.1%)
  15. Italy: $241.2 million (1%)

Exempted from Donald Trump’s 10% tariff imposed on other aluminum providers, Canada and Mexico represent 40.6% of US aluminum imports.

The other 13 aluminum suppliers are subject to the US aluminum duty. Perhaps ominously, five among these countries are also among the top 15 customers for America’s exports namely China, Japan, Germany, France and India.


The following list is sorted in ascending order presenting the top 15 suppliers based on the greatest increases in aluminum shipments to America from 2013 to 2017.

  1. India: Up 252.2% since 2013 (US$484.1 million)
  2. Bahrain: Up 230.5% ($621.1 million)
  3. Russia: Up 206.2% ($1.6 billion)
  4. Argentina: Up 149.9% ($570.8 million)
  5. United Arab Emirates: Up 141.6% ($1.5 billion)
  6. France: Up 104.9% ($294.1 million)
  7. Italy: Up 84.3% ($241.2 million)
  8. Qatar: Up 46.2% ($307.4 million)
  9. China: Up 43.8% ($3.5 billion)
  10. South Africa: Up 42.5% ($354.1 million)
  11. Mexico: Up 30.9% ($1 billion)
  12. Canada: Up 23.2% ($8.5 billion)
  13. Japan: Up 23% ($295.6 million)
  14. Thailand: Down -4.4% ($265.3 million)
  15. Germany: Down -9.5% ($561.7 million)

Given the overall 49.3% increase in US imports of aluminum during the 5-year period, both Canada (up 23.2%) and Mexico (up 30.9%) fell behind compared the global average in expanding aluminum sales to the United States over the 5-year period.

From 2016 to 2017, Canadian aluminum supplies to America also improved by a below-average 22.9% while aluminum originating from Mexico went up by 15.3% year over year.

Among the top 15 customers behind American export sales, India and France posted aluminum shipment gains well above the 49.3% benchmark for the 5-year period.

Deficit Creators

America does produce and sell its own aluminum on international markets. In 2017, the United States shipped $11.6 billion worth of aluminum to its trade partners. However, American revenues from exported aluminum fall far short of the -$23.4 billion that the US spent on imported aluminum thus resulting in a -$11.8 billion product category deficit.

Below you will find the 15 countries that caused America’s highest deficits from buying and selling aluminum on international markets, incurring a subtotal deficit of -$14.1 billion for 2017.

  1. Canada: -US$5.5 billion (up 46.3% since 2013)
  2. China: -$2 billion (reversing a $154.4 million surplus in 2013)
  3. Russia: -$1.6 billion (up 209.1%)
  4. United Arab Emirates: -$1.5 billion (up 158.9%)
  5. Bahrain: -$617.5 million (up 233.7%)
  6. Argentina: -$560.2 million (up 180.2%)
  7. Germany: -$381.3 million (down -14.3%)
  8. South Africa: -$349 million (up 45.1%)
  9. India: -$337.9 million (up 1,134%)
  10. Qatar: -$303.8 million (up 58.4%)
  11. Thailand: -$215.4 million (down -14.8%)
  12. Venezuela: -$205.2 million (up 18,222%)
  13. Italy: -$183 million (up 255.1%)
  14. Austria: -$175.4 million (up 28.5%)
  15. Australia: -$170.8 million (up 396.5%)

Previously in 2013, the United States had earned a surplus exporting and importing aluminum from its current second-largest international supplier of aluminum–the People’s Republic of China.

Notably absent from the above list, Mexico in fact imports much more aluminum from the United States than it imports to America. The US realized a $2.8 billion surplus from its aluminum trade with Mexico during 2017.

The fastest-expanding US aluminum deficits over the 5-year period are with Venezuela (up 18,222%), India (up 1,134%) and Australia (up 396.5%).


Searchable List of US Aluminum Suppliers

The table below shows the dollar amount for aluminum supplied to the US in 2017 by country. Also shown is the percentage value change for each supplier since 2013.

You can change presentation order by clicking the triangle icon at the top of the columns.

RankSupplierUS Aluminum ImportsChange
1.Canada$8.5 billion23.2%
2.China$3.5 billion43.8%
3.Russia$1.6 billion206.2%
4.United Arab Emirates$1.5 billion141.6%
5.Mexico$1 billion30.9%
6.Bahrain$621.1 million230.5%
7.Argentina$570.8 million149.9%
8.Germany$561.7 million-9.5%
9.India$484.1 million252.2%
10.South Africa$354.1 million42.5%
11.Qatar$307.4 million46.2%
12.Japan$295.6 million23%
13.France$294.1 million104.9%
14.Thailand$265.3 million-4.4%
15.Italy$241.2 million84.3%
16.Australia$240.4 million196.5%
17.Taiwan$233.9 million79.7%
18.Indonesia$219.7 million17.7%
19.Venezuela$212.5 million673.4%
20.South Korea$190.7 million33.5%
21.Austria$182.6 million30.2%
22.Brazil$170.9 million45.2%
23.Saudi Arabia$168.9 million1231.7%
24.Colombia$159.2 million116.9%
25.United Kingdom$133.1 million-13.3%
26.Vietnam$122.7 million295.7%
27.Spain$114.2 million320.5%
28.Hong Kong$99 million306.8%
29.Oman$97 million398.7%
30.Turkey$76.4 million213.8%
31.Greece$76.1 million14.3%
32.Belgium$65.6 million30.3%
33.Netherlands$63 million95.8%
34.Malaysia$54.6 million57.5%
35.Sweden$50.9 million28.2%
36.Switzerland$42 million-39.2%
37.Armenia$41.8 million-52.7%
38.Israel$34 million119.6%
39.Poland$33.8 million91.9%
40.Czech Republic$26.8 million69.8%
41.Costa Rica$26.3 million-4.2%
42.Denmark$23.3 million22.4%
43.Guatemala$20.9 million-9.5%
44.Ecuador$20.4 million151.1%
45.Dominican Republic$16.3 million21.3%
46.Slovenia$15.3 million7.2%
47.Chile$14.5 million-22.8%
48.Romania$14.4 million-48.7%
49.New Zealand$12.9 million-52.6%
50.El Salvador$12.2 million2%
51.Philippines$10.7 million157.4%
52.Norway$9.4 million-80.5%
53.Ireland$7.8 million88.7%
54.Panama$7.5 million-6.6%
55.Singapore$7.2 million-69.2%
56.Honduras$6.4 million-0.1%
57.Portugal$5.5 million247.3%
58.Slovakia$5.1 million161.4%
59.Tunisia$3.6 million48.8%
60.Myanmar (Burma)$3 millionNil in 2013
61.Bulgaria$2.9 million509%
62.Cambodia$2.9 millionNil in 2013
63.Albania$2.8 million4217.2%
64.Hungary$2.7 million-29.3%
65.Croatia$2.7 million3,063%
66.Paraguay$2.2 million278.7%
67.Morocco$2.1 million2617.9%
68.Iceland$1.9 million2493.3%
69.Bosnia/Herzegovina$1.8 million2668.2%
70.Luxembourg$1.8 million-24.6%
71.Ukraine$1.6 million-78%
72.Egypt$1.6 million-85.2%
73.Bolivia$1.6 million257.8%
74.Pakistan$1.4 million39.3%
75.Peru$1.4 million840%
76.Finland$1.4 million8.7%
77.Mozambique$1.3 millionNil in 2013
78.Lithuania$1.3 million165.2%
79.Jordan$1.1 million53.1%
80.Bahamas$1 million-40.8%
81.Kuwait$1 million95.6%
82.Nicaragua$1 million-68.5%
86.Nigeria$659,000Nil in 2013
91.Antigua and Barbuda$331,000707.3%
92.Cayman Islands$329,000133.3%
96.Saint Kitts/Nevis$221,000-24.1%
97.Cyprus$215,000Nil in 2013
98.Malta$167,000Nil in 2013
99.Azerbaijan$151,000Nil in 2013
102.Saint Vincent/Grenadines$82,000-46.4%
103.Uruguay$82,000Nil in 2013
108.Cameroon$58,000Nil in 2013
109.Turks/Caicos Islands$55,000-68.2%
111.Côte d'Ivoire$45,000Nil in 2013
112.Cabo Verde$37,000Nil in 2013
113.Uzbekistan$36,000Nil in 2013
114.Bhutan$33,000Nil in 2013
116.Macao$30,000Nil in 2013
118.Saint Lucia$28,000-76.7%
120.Sri Lanka$19,000Nil in 2013
121.Kenya$18,000Nil in 2013
122.Tokelau$17,000Nil in 2013
124.Algeria$11,000Nil in 2013
125.Sierra Leone$9,000350%
127.Senegal$5,000Nil in 2013
128.Tajikistan$3,000Nil in 2013
129.Andorra$2,000Nil in 2013
130.Niger$2,000Nil in 2013

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