Animal Feeds Exporters by Country

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Global exports sales for animal feeds totaled US$16.2 billion in 2018. That dollar metric excludes pet dog and cat food, reflecting a 10.9% uptick since 2014 and a 5.1% year-over-year gain from 2017 to 2018.

Among continents, Europe sold the highest dollar worth of exported animal feeds during 2018 with shipments valued at $10 billion or 61.4% of the overall total. In second place were Asian exporters at 18.6% while 12.1% of worldwide shipments for animal feeds originated from North America. Smaller percentages came from Latin America (5.2%) excluding Mexico but including the Caribbean, Africa (1.7%) then Oceania (1.1%) led by Australia and New Zealand.

For research purposes, the 6-digit Harmonized Tariff System code is 230990 for preparations used in animal feeding. That code excludes dog or cat food sold at the retail level.

Top Animal Feeds Exporters by Country


Below are the 15 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of animal feeds during 2018.

  1. Netherlands: US$2.3 billion (14.1% of exported animal feeds)
  2. United States: $1.6 billion (10%)
  3. Belgium: $1.3 billion (8.3%)
  4. China: $1.3 billion (7.8%)
  5. Germany: $1.2 billion (7.5%)
  6. France: $1 billion (6.4%)
  7. United Kingdom: $800.3 million (4.9%)
  8. Spain: $491.3 million (3%)
  9. Italy: $469.5 million (2.9%)
  10. Denmark: $444.9 million (2.7%)
  11. Austria: $293.6 million (1.8%)
  12. Thailand: $269.7 million (1.7%)
  13. India: $258.2 million (1.6%)
  14. Poland: $256.6 million (1.6%)
  15. Peru: $249.7 million (1.5%)

By value, the listed 15 countries shipped roughly three-quarters (76%) of all exported animal feeds in 2018.

Among the top exporters, the fastest-growing animal feeds exporters since 2014 were: Peru (up 68.3%), Poland (up 59.9%), India (up 56.3%) and Italy (up 53.8%).

Only Germany (down -3.5%) posted a decline in its international sales of animal feeds over the five-year period.


The following countries posted the highest positive net exports for animal feeds during 2018. Investopedia defines net exports as the value of a country’s total exports minus the value of its total imports. Thus, the statistics below present the surplus between the value of each country’s exported animal feeds and its import purchases for that same commodity.

  1. Netherlands: US$1.4 billion (net export surplus down -9.3% since 2014)
  2. United States: $1.04 billion (up 10.1%)
  3. China: $1.01 billion (up 25.1%)
  4. Belgium: $617.7 million (up 13.2%)
  5. France: $478.8 million (up 2.1%)
  6. Germany: $289.4 million (down -18.7%)
  7. United Kingdom: $284.7 million (reversing a -$7.2 million deficit)
  8. Spain: $204.6 million (up 88.6%)
  9. Singapore: $172.5 million (up 20.7%)
  10. Denmark: $170.9 million (up 21.6%)
  11. Austria: $151.2 million (up 45.3%)
  12. Italy: $105.9 million (reversing a -$46.9 million deficit)
  13. Peru: $89.5 million (up 33.5%)
  14. Hungary: $57.1 million (down -46.2%)
  15. Bulgaria: $54.7 million (down -35.1%)

The Netherlands earned the highest surplus in the international trade of animal feeds. In turn, this positive cashflow confirms strong Dutch competitive advantages for this specific product category.


The following countries posted the highest negative net exports for animal feeds during 2018. Investopedia defines net exports as the value of a country’s total exports minus the value of its total imports. Thus, the statistics below present the deficit between the value of each country’s imported animal feeds purchases and its exports for that same commodity.

  1. Japan: -US$374.9 million (net export deficit up 27.9% since 2014)
  2. Russia: -$374.1 million (down -24.8%)
  3. Vietnam: -$373.1 million (up 57.3%)
  4. Philippines: -$261.9 million (up 29.3%)
  5. Ecuador: -$228.7 million (up 71.6%)
  6. South Korea: -$216.5 million (up 49%)
  7. Indonesia: -$199.1 million (down -58.9%)
  8. Ireland: -$184.5 million (up 11.9%)
  9. Saudi Arabia: -$173.7 million (up 90.1%)
  10. India: -$173 million (up 116.5%)
  11. Mexico: -$170.8 million (up 22%)
  12. Egypt: -$158.3 million (down -2.3%)
  13. Chile: -$154.3 million (up 13%)
  14. Poland: -$142.1 million (down -23.4%)
  15. Romania: -$130.7 million (up 14.1%)

Overtaking Indonesia in 2018, Japan incurred the highest deficit in the international trade of animal feeds. In turn, this negative cashflow highlights Japan’s competitive disadvantage for this specific product category but also signals opportunities for animal feeds-supplying countries that help satisfy the powerful demand.


Animal Feeds Exporting Companies

According to global trading platform Alibaba, the following suppliers are examples of companies that engage in the international trade of animal feeds.

  • Alfafood GmbH (Germany)
  • ARGIA (Belgium)
  • Caravasar Trading (Spain)
  • DGC Global Holding BV (Netherlands)
  • Fire Wood SRLS (Italy)
  • Jiusan Group Food Marketing Co. (China)
  • Kebnel Groups LLC (United States)
  • Le Vinotier (France)
  • Monarch Trade Company (Canada)
  • Nestle Danmark AS (Denmark)
  • Pocco Global Limited (United Kingdom)
  • Woosam Pte. Ltd (Singapore)

The home-country location for each business is shown within parentheses.


Searchable List of Animal Feeds Exporting Countries in 2018

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RankExporterAnimal Feed Exports (US$)%World Total
1.Netherlands$2.3 billion14.1%
2.United States$1.6 billion10%
3.Belgium$1.3 billion8.3%
4.China$1.3 billion7.8%
5.Germany$1.2 billion7.5%
6.France$1 billion6.4%
7.United Kingdom$800.3 million4.9%
8.Spain$491.3 million3%
9.Italy$469.5 million2.9%
10.Denmark$444.9 million2.7%
11.Austria$293.6 million1.8%
12.Thailand$269.7 million1.7%
13.India$258.2 million1.6%
14.Poland$256.6 million1.6%
15.Peru$249.7 million1.5%
16.Canada$239.5 million1.5%
17.Brazil$238.7 million1.5%
18.Singapore$227.6 million1.4%
19.Hungary$197.8 million1.2%
20.Vietnam$185.5 million1.1%
21.South Africa$163.8 million1%
22.Malaysia$162.6 million1%
23.Turkey$150 million0.9%
24.Norway$149.6 million0.9%
25.Australia$140.9 million0.9%
26.Czech Republic$138.9 million0.9%
27.Ireland$135.9 million0.8%
28.Bulgaria$107.5 million0.7%
29.Taiwan$107 million0.7%
30.Mexico$104.2 million0.6%
31.Argentina$96.9 million0.6%
32.South Korea$95.5 million0.6%
33.Sri Lanka$82.6 million0.5%
34.Serbia$71.8 million0.4%
35.Japan$62.7 million0.4%
36.Portugal$62.5 million0.4%
37.Ecuador$62.5 million0.4%
38.Chile$60.9 million0.4%
39.Russia$57.4 million0.4%
40.Lithuania$53 million0.3%
41.Jordan$47.9 million0.3%
42.Croatia$47.6 million0.3%
43.Uganda$45 million0.3%
44.Switzerland$44.7 million0.3%
45.Sweden$40.2 million0.2%
46.Indonesia$39.6 million0.2%
47.New Zealand$32 million0.2%
48.Finland$31.5 million0.2%
49.Latvia$30.7 million0.2%
50.Costa Rica$28.5 million0.2%
51.Guatemala$27.2 million0.2%
52.Slovenia$26.5 million0.2%
53.Greece$25.8 million0.2%
54.Colombia$25 million0.2%
55.Hong Kong$21.8 million0.1%
56.Belarus$19.3 million0.1%
57.Uruguay$18.8 million0.1%
58.Eswatini$17.5 million0.1%
59.Egypt$16.3 million0.1%
60.Slovakia$11 million0.1%
61.Cyprus$10.2 million0.1%
62.Faroe Islands$9.6 million0.1%
63.Romania$9.3 million0.1%
64.Ukraine$8.6 million0.1%
65.Tunisia$8.4 million0.1%
66.Luxembourg$7.3 million0.05%
67.Panama$7.1 million0.04%
68.Israel$7 million0.04%
69.Pakistan$7 million0.04%
70.El Salvador$6.8 million0.04%
71.Bahamas$5.2 million0.03%
72.Kazakhstan$5 million0.03%
73.Mauritius$4.8 million0.03%
74.Uzbekistan$4.4 million0.03%
75.Nepal$4.3 million0.03%
76.Estonia$3 million0.02%
77.Zambia$2.8 million0.02%
78.Namibia$2.8 million0.02%
79.Honduras$2.7 million0.02%
80.Kenya$2.6 million0.02%
81.Morocco$2.4 million0.01%
82.Fiji$2.4 million0.01%
83.Saudi Arabia$2 million0.01%
84.Oman$1.9 million0.01%
85.Paraguay$1.8 million0.01%
86.Belize$1.8 million0.01%
87.United Arab Emirates$1.8 million0.01%
88.Senegal$1.8 million0.01%
89.Ghana$1.7 million0.01%
90.Iceland$1.4 million0.01%
91.Philippines$1.4 million0.01%
92.Jamaica$1.3 million0.01%
93.Seychelles$1.2 million0.01%
94.Nigeria$1.2 million0.01%
96.St Vincent/Grenadines$962,0000.01%
102.Dominican Republic$546,0000.003%
103.Ivory Coast$542,0000.003%
108.Brunei Darussalam$213,0000.001%
109.Solomon Islands$193,0000.001%
112.Papua New Guinea$125,0000.001%
116.North Macedonia$84,0000.001%
117.Saint Lucia$83,0000.001%
119.North Korea$81,0000.0005%
121.Syrian Arab Republic$79,0000.0005%
134.French Polynesia$12,0000.0001%
147.Burkina Faso$2,0000.00001%
150.Myanmar (Burma)$1,0000.00001%


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