Top Imported Fruits Most Loved by Americans

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Fresh fruits love bowls

Bananas, avocados and fresh grapes are America’s three most popular imported fruits representing 44.2% of the value of all fruits imported into the United States during 2016.

Overall in 2016, US demand amounted to US$13.8 billion worth of imported fruits. That dollar amount equals a 47.1% increase from the value of America’s imported fruits during 2012 and a 9% year-over-year uptick from 2015 to 2016.

In contrast, exported fruits from the US were valued at $6.5 billion–less than half of America’s total spent on fruits imported from 110 countries and territories around the globe. Thus the US incurred a formidable -$7.3 billion trade deficit in the international trade of fruits during 2016.

America’s Most Beloved Imported Fruits

The following list showcases the top 15 imported fruits most in demand by Americans. Combined, these 15 fruit categories represent a total 88.9% of the overall value of US-imported fruits.

  1. Bananas not plantains: US$2.4 billion (17.7% of US-imported fruits)
  2. Avocados: $2 billion (14.4%)
  3. Fresh grapes: $1.7 billion (12.1%)
  4. Fresh cranberries, bilberries: $1 billion (7.1%)
  5. Fresh raspberries, blackberries, mulberries: $871.2 million (6.3%)
  6. Pineapples: $721.6 million (5.2%)
  7. Guavas, mangoes: $583.3 million (4.2%)
  8. Fresh strawberries: $559.5 million (4.1%)
  9. Lemons, limes: $501 million (3.6%)
  10. Melons not watermelons: $474.5 million (3.4%)
  11. Mandarins including tangerines: $379.3 million (2.7%)
  12. Watermelons: $376.3 million (2.7%)
  13. Fresh apples: $310.4 million (2.2%)
  14. Frozen strawberries: $220.7 million (1.6%)
  15. Plantains: $194.6 million (1.4%)

Fastest-growing among the above 15 categories from 2012 to 2016 were avocados (up by 118.1%), fresh raspberries, blackberries and similar berries (up by 115.4%), lemons and limes (up by 105.4%) and mandarins including tangerines (up by 71.5%).

The slowest-growing fruit categories were bananas (up by 7.6%), plantains (up by 14.2%) and pineapples (up by 20.3%).

Top Suppliers by Continent and Country

At the continent level, Latin America including Mexico plus the Caribbean furnished four-fifths or about 81.9% of America’s total imported fruits. Asia placed a distant second where 10.8% of total US imports of fruits originated.

Smaller percentages were sourced from Africa (2.1%), Europe (1.7%) and Oceania (1.2%) led by New Zealand and Australia.

Listed below in descending order are the top 10 countries that exported 86.9% of total fruits shipped to the United States in 2016.

  1. Mexico: US$6.2 billion (37.1% of US-imported fruits)
  2. Chile: $2.5 billion (14.9%)
  3. Guatemala: $1.3 billion (8.1%)
  4. Costa Rica: $1.1 billion (6.7%)
  5. Vietnam: $960.3 million (5.7%)
  6. Peru: $732.6 million (4.4%)
  7. Ecuador: $612.4 million (3.7%)
  8. Honduras: $447.2 million (2.7%)
  9. Canada: $386.1 million (2.3%)
  10. Argentina: $225.6 million (1.3%)

The leading US-imported fruit from Mexico is avocados, while grapes are the number 1 fruit shipped to America from Chile and Peru. Bananas top the list of fruits imported from Guatemala, Ecuador and Honduras.

US imports of pineapples is the leading fruit from Costa Rica. Fresh tamarinds, lychees and passion fruit top the list of fruits imported from Vietnam.

Fresh cranberries and bilberries were America’s most loved imported fruits from Canada and Argentina.

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